RE: Status (if any) of STLP?

>Win Treese and representatives from Microsoft and Netscape met a couple
>of weeks ago to begin hammering out some of the components for the
>foundation of a spec.  At that meeting, Microsoft precented our STLP
>strawman document.  That document was an experiment by Microsoft to
>determine how well SSL and PCT could be merged into one protocol - using
>SSL as a base and adding PCT deltas.  Our goal was to deal with the
>differences Microsoft and Netscape quickly so that the normal IETF
>process would move forward without any detractions from either Microsoft
>or Netscape.
Thanks Tom,

I have no dispute with the events you describe, but process integrity would
have been better served if you or Win had described this intent up front,
and answered the queries by other folks who, like me, could not figure out
what was going on.  This was especialy true in light of the press reports of
"Draft submitted to IETF."  I believe that what you are saying is that no draft
was "submitted," but rather "made available for review," albeit with rather late
instructions as to location and ownership.

All the above reflects my personal belief that this particular BOF-cum-WG
should stretch to maintain the status of "Caesar's wife;" and also reflects
my concern at the questions being raised by others last week.

Thanks again for your prompt response.

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