RE: Merged Transport Layer Protocol Development

Tls-draft was created specifically as a forum for the discussion of the
Microsoft STLP strawman document.  The reason for this is that the STLP
strawman document is not an official IETF document.  Win Treese,
Microsoft and Netscape did not want this document to be confused in any
way with the actual spec that is being developed by the working group.

However, since the consensus of the emails is to discuss the STLP
strawman document on ietf-tls, then Microsoft does not object.  To
facilitate the discussion, you can find the STLP strawman document at:  

Tom Stephens

>From: 	Eric Murray[]
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>To: 	Tom Stephens
>Subject: 	Re: Merged Transport Layer Protocol Development
>Tom Stephens writes:
>> David made some excellent points regarding STLP.  These points and
>> others will be discussed in some detail on - as that is
>> the alias for discussion of the STLP strawman document.  If you are not
>> a member of that alias, I would strongly encourage you to join and
>> >participate in the discussion.  To join the tls-draft alias, send an
>> >mail to with the word "subscribe" in the
>> subject line.
>Perhaps I don't understand IETF procedure, but I am puzzled as to why
>there is now a second mailing list.  It's not like the original
>TLS list is getting too much traffic.
>In fact, it's not getting enough traffic... for one, I can't find any
>reference to any mail that included the URL for the STLP "strawman".
>Where is it?
>Eric Murray 
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