Re: Revised Draft Charter

> From: Win Treese <>
> standards track RFC(s) for protocols using the currently available
> Internet drafts as a basis.  The SSL, PCT and SSH protocols are
> examples of mechanisms of establishing a secure channel for general
> purpose or special purpose Internet applications running over a
> reliable transport, usually TCP.
Are we limited to these drafts?  Or do other drafts already presented to
the IPSec WG (specifically Photuris) that include general mechanisms for
transport-layer security negotiation possible?

The above seems to conflict with the "best effort" clause on key

> The work currently under way in the area of secure IP is outside the
> scope of this working group. Also, general authentication mechanism
> discussions are outside the focus of this group. However, best efforts
> will be made to utilize as much as possible of the already existing
> technologies and methodologies in the IETF and other places to solve
> common problems, such as key management.
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