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Re: Revised Draft Charter

From: Rodney Thayer <rodney@sabletech.com>
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 1996 14:12:14 -0400
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sounds like a reasonable change.

I personally would have said "nodes" not computers (never can tell when
we'll have to update those light switches and garage door openers to IPv6)

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>The charter looks good to me. I have one small concern that, if others
>agree, could be easily resolved.
>>Several methods of providing a secure and authenticated channel
>>between a client and a server on the Internet above the TCP layer have
>>appeared.  The objective of this proposed working group is to write
>>standards track RFC(s) for protocols using the currently available
>>Internet drafts as a basis.
>These two sentences together make it sound lke the protocol will be for
>client-server channels only. As the HTTP WG has discovered, calling
>something a "client" or a "server" can cause all sorts of problems when you
>later have "proxies". Further, we may want STLP to work in peer-to-peer
>I suggest we reword the first sentence to read:
>Several methods of providing a secure and authenticated channel
>between computers on the Internet above the TCP layer have appeared.

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