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ACTION-501: Geolocation access control on a per site basis

ACTION-515 and ACTION-516: Publishing John Kemp's TAG work on security

ACTION-521: Taking "Disposition of Names in an XML Namespace" to Recommendation

ACTION-523: Draft product page for TAG work on Client-Side Storage

ACTION-536: TAG work on interaction

ACTION-586 Client-Side State

ACTION-586: Ashok to update client finding to discuss document identification in Ajax apps

ACTION-586: Updating client-side state to deal with document identity

ACTION-587 Prepare issue-57 and issue-63 documents for TAG members to discuss at Sept F2F

ACTION-588: Update product goals for TAG work on MIME (includes fragid semantics)

ACTION-590: TAG work on Unicode normalization (was: Re: Any update on TAG request?)

Advice please on XML: attributes and namespaces

Agenda for the 11 Aug 2011 TAG teleconference

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 1 Sept 2011

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 4 August 2011

Any update on TAG request?

Closing ACTION-582: Noah to inform HTML WG of satisfaction with authoring spec resolution

Comments solicited: "Providing and discovering definitions of URIs"

Dan Kaminsky shows tools that can detect net neutrality violations by ISPs

Draft minutes for TAG telcon of 2011-08-04

Fragids status report [partial]: ACTION-567

how does host B know that its visitor is the one that visited host A?


Matching vs. normalization

Matching vs. normalization, CSS matching

Minutes for August 11 Telcon

naive question: why prefer absolute URIs to # URIs for linked data?

net neutrality: breaking it is detectable

Plan for TAG Sept F2F and 4 August teleconference -- TAG members please read now

RDF Web Applications WG Position on RDFa/Microdata Task Force

RDFa / microdata analysis

Re http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/group/track/actions/510

Requesting status update on TAG fragid work

Shut down the RDFa/Microdata Task Force initiative

Status of TAG work on Publishing and Linking on the Web

Test suites and RFC2119: meaning of language conformance

the problem of unregistered MIME types, URI schemes, etc.

The TAG teleconference of 18 Aug 2011 is cancelled

The TAG Teleconference of 25 August 2011 is cancelled

Tracking TAG high-priority goals and deliverables

UK government backs off one approach to curtailing illegal file sharing

Very preliminary agenda and required reading for 13-15 Sept. 2011 TAG F2F now available

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