Re: ACTION-588: Update product goals for TAG work on MIME (includes fragid semantics)

On 8/23/2011 8:48 AM, Larry Masinter wrote [1]:
> As far as discussion at the F2F, I'd suggest we schedule a review of the
> 5 documents in question (a) - (e) with respect to the issues raised in
> (f).

Question for TAG members other than Larry: this represents a change of
direction for this effort, which had previously focused on Larry's MIME/Web
draft. Are you comfortable with spending time on all five of these
documents, and generally framing the effort as suggested in Larry's note?

Also: I have updated the product page at [2] with a section discussing the
proposal to change the scope of this TAG effort. Furthermore, so we will
have a record of such changes of scope, I have started a convention of
freezing and linking dated copies such as [3,4] when significant revisions
are made to product pages. Since creating and linking these versions is
done by hand, I won't typically do it for minor changes to a page.

Thank you.



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