Tracking TAG high-priority goals and deliverables


When you met with us in June, we agreed to provide you with information on 
at least two major TAG projects that you could track as deliverables for 
2011 and beyond.

In fact, we are attempting to be both more organized and more public about 
identifying the goals, success criteria, deliverables, target dates, etc. 
for our key projects. We have set up a publicly visible work plan page, 
which I think has what we promised you and somewhat more. It's available at 
[1], and it will be updated as our plans change.

Note that for each project, a link is provided to a page that includes 
high-level goals, specific success criteria, dates for key deliverables or 
at least for next steps, names of TAG members taking the lead, etc. (The 
exception is the HTML5 Last Call Review, which has generated significant 
results in a number of areas in 2011, but which was largely done by the 
time the product page structure was put in place).

If you are looking for two specific projects to evaluate for 2011, I would 
suggest the HTML5 review work, which represented significant effort in 2011 
(and before), and which has produced results in a number of areas, and the 
Web Application State effort, which should result in a TAG finding 
publication in 2011. Another possibility would be the project on fragment 
identifiers, but with one caveat: the 31 December 2011 target for a TAG 
finding was set before Jeni Tennison was asked to focus more on the 
microdata/RDFa task force work, and I don't yet have commitments from TAG 
members to backfill on the same schedule. I expect the fragid work will get 
done, and done well, but perhaps a bit later than we originally thought. We 
will, of course, update that work plan and product page when and if we 
revise our schedule.

In any case, I encourage you to track all of our significant projects using 
to the work plan page at [1], and to point others to it when they have 
questions about the TAG's ongoing work.

Thank you.



Tracker: this email fulfills TAG ACTION-568

Received on Wednesday, 10 August 2011 17:25:31 UTC