Very preliminary agenda and required reading for 13-15 Sept. 2011 TAG F2F now available

A very preliminary draft of an agenda for our Edinburgh F2F is now 
available at [1], and in text-only form below. Note that this version does 
not include hour-by-hour time slot schedules, but does have descriptions 
for most of the topics I propose that we discuss.

The agenda includes a number of required reading items. A text search for 
the string "required reading" should hit them all.

We will discuss this agenda on our Thursday 1 Sept. 2011 teleconference. 
Thank you.




    [1]W3C | [2]TAG


         W3C TAG meeting 13-15 Septembter 2011 in Edinburgh, UK


    Nearby: [3]issues list - [4]findings - [5]www-tag archive - [6]tag
    archive - Actions: ([7]open, [8]pending review) [9]logistics


    Online table of: [10]scribing assignments


Agenda Summary

    Hour-by-hour schedule to be provided later


           School of Informatics
           University of Edinburgh
           Edinburgh, UK

    See [29]logistics for further details.


    Note [30]Inaugural Lecture by Henry Thompson, Tuesday 13 September
    2011, 5.15pm,


Required Reading

    See "(required reading)" annotations in agenda items below. For your
    convenience, I've listed some of the main required reading here as
      * [31]TAG Product Listing and all product pages linked from that
         note especially the proposed revision to the scope of
        [32]Product: MIME architecture for the Web and the new proposed
        page for [33]Product: Web Application Storage
      * [34]Identifying Application State W3C Editors Draft: Proposed
        TAG Finding 30 August 2011  proposed as ready for publication
        as a TAG finding
      * [35]Mime Types and Fragment IDs: Draft TAG Finding 12 August
      * [36]Email from Larry Masinter suggesting change in focus for
        work on [37]Product: MIME architecture for the Web; also, links
        from the sections itemized as (a. - f.) in the proposed revision
        section at the top.
      * [38]Interoperability of referential uses of hashless URIs by
        Jonathan Rees ([39]announcement email)
      * [40]Information Resources and Web Metadata: Editor's Draft 25
        June 2011 by Jonathan Rees ([41]announcement email)
      * [42]Providing and discovering definitions of URIs: Editor's
        Draft 25 June 2011" by Jonathan Rees ([43]announcement email)
      * [44]HTML/XML Task Force Report W3C Editor's Draft (with revision
        marks) 15 August 2011


Agenda Details

     1. Convene, review agenda
           + Scribes: TAG members are encouraged to sign up for scribing
             by using CVS to edit [45]scribing assignments table, or by
             emailing the chair
           + Roll call
           + Approve minutes of teleconferences:
                o [46]1 September 2011
           + F2F Goals:
                o Main goals:
                    1. Make progress on our [47]five top priority
                          @ HTML5 Last Call Review
                          @ [48]Fragment Identifiers and Mime Types
                          @ [49]Web Application State
                          @ [50]URI Definition Discovery
                          @ [51]MIME architecture for the Web
                    2. Prepare client-side state finding for publication
                       (unless we decide there's too much more to do on
                       #! and/or RDFa use of fragids
                    3. Review status of RDFa/Microdata task force, and
                       set up appropriate ACTIONs for tracking
                    4. Make progress on our [52]other active products
                    5. Give guidance and feedback to Norm Walsh and the
                       subcommittee working on XML/HTML Unification
                    6. Rebalance TAG member assignments (noting, e.g.,
                       Jeni's new responsibilities for RDFa/Microdata)
                o Other goals:
                    1. Help Noah prepare for: [53]ACTION-563: on - Noah
                       Mendelsohn - Arrange for periodic TAG key issues
                       reports to Jeff per June 2011 F2F Due 2011-10-15
                       - Due: 2011-09-15 - OPEN
     2. Review TAG Priorities for 2011
           + Goals:
                o Remind ourselves of priorities and commitments from
                  [54]TAG product pages
                o This Tuesday session is primarily a quick level-set at
                  the start of the F2F  updates and debates about the
                  priorities will happen as we go along and in a session
                  on Thursday.
           + Agree that product "HTML5 Last Call Review" has been
             completed. Assign action for long term tracking of future
             HTML5 developments.
     3. [55]HTML5 Review: HTML5 Last Call  Overview
           + Goals:
                o Split this work: 1) Mark as completed the TAG's Last
                  Call review of HTML5 except for 2) start tracking a
                  separate specific work-item on [56]Microdata/RDFa (see
                  agenda item below)
                o Assign an ACTION to track ongoing developments
                  relating to HTML5, so TAG will be alerted when further
                  review is needed
           + Background:
                o The HTML working group issued a [57]press release
                  inviting comments from the public.
                o The last call period ran through 3 August 2011.
                  Several TAG members reviewed particular sections, but
                  declined to suggest addtional comments be made on
                  behalf of the TAG.
                o Background notes from June 2011 F2F:
                     # Note from Noah to HTML WG chairs [58]questioning
                       non-normative status of the [59]HTML5 Edition for
                       Web Authors
                     # On 12 May 2011, [60]Henry Thompson and Dan
                       Appelquist agreed to review selected items, but
                       we probably need more coverage from other TAG
                       members if possible.
                     # Note that [61]Polyglot Markup: HTML-Compatible
                       XHTML Documents is part of the Last Call, and is
                       pertinent to the [62]HTML / XML Unification
                       agenda item.
                     # [63]public-iri mailing list discussion of IRI
                       handling and RFC 3987 in HTML5 ([64]heads up
                       email from Noah)
     4. [65]HTML5 Review: HTML5 Last Call  Microdata/RDFa
           + Goals:
                o Decide whether Microdata/RDFa task force remains the
                  most appropriate approach to helping the community
                  resolve the overlap between these technologies
                o If the TAG will have ongoing involvement, establish
                  goals, target dates, assignments, etc., and capture in
                  a product page (there are currently no open ACTIONs on
           + Background:
                o TAG [66]e-mail raising last-call issues on Microdata
                  and RDFa. (required reading)
                o [67]Discussion on 21 July 2011
     5. [68]ISSUE-60 (webApplicationState-60): Web Applications:
        Client-side state
           + Goals:
                o Prepare for publication of a TAG finding on
                  Identifying Application State
                o Review the [69]Identifying Application State W3C
                  Editors Draft: Proposed TAG Finding 30 August 2011
                  with the intention of announcing publication of a TAG
                  finding shortly after the F2F.
                o Assign new action to publish T.V. Raman's original
                  draft as a W3C Note with an indication that it is no
                  longer on the Rec track, and referencing the new
                  finding (see [70]Key Deliverables for this product
           + Background:
                o Product page: [71]Product: Identifying Application
                  State Commitments:
                     # TAG Finding: Identifying Application State Due
                       date: 1 Nov 2011
                     # 25 June 2011: Draft for TAG review based on June
                       2011 F2F review
                     # 1 Sept 2011: Last-call quality draft
                     # W3C Note with FPWD (Raman's version) indicating
                       this work no longer on Rec. track (to be done
                       after reference to finding available)
                o [72]ACTION-481: Update client-side state document with
                  help from Raman
                o [73]ACTION-586: on - Ashok Malhotra - Add text
                  covering advice equivalent to "Use of AJAX
                  implementation technology is not a sufficient excuse
                  for failing to provide first class URI identification
                  for documents on the Web" - Due: 2011-08-11 - OPEN
     6. [74]ISSUE-66 (mimeAndWeb-66-27): IETF Draft on MIME and the Web
           + Goal:
                o Consider [75]Larry Masinter's suggestion that the
                  goals of this effort be changed to focus more on
                  review of ongoing work at the IETF.
                o Coordinate this general work on MIME with the
                  [76]ongoing work on fragment identifiers.
           + Background:
                o Product page: [77]MIME architecture for the Web
                     # 31 December 2011: Final TAG Report on MIME
                       architecture, most likely in the form of an
                       Internet Draft
                     # 30 September 2011: Report finalized
                     # 30 September 2011: TAG achieves [78]success
                       criteria , and identifies further goals and next
                       steps, if any
                o Drafts have been published at:
                o See proposal at the top of the [80]product page
                  suggesting new goals for this effort.
                o [81]Blog posting from Larry that kicked off this work.
                o [82]ACTION-472: on - Larry Masinter - Update the
                  mime-draft based on comments & review - Due:
                  2011-07-30 - OPEN
                o [83]ACTION-588: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Work with Larry
                  to update mime-web product page Due 2011-08-18 - Due:
                  2011-09-15 - OPEN
                o Closed actions:
                     # [84]ACTION-425: on - Larry Masinter - Draft
                       updated MIME finding(s), with help from DanA,
                       based on www-tag discussion - Due: 2010-05-31 -
                     # [85]ACTION-458: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Schedule
                       discussion of followup actions for TAG to
                       coordinate with IETF on MIME-type related
                       activities - Due: 2011-09-01 - CLOSED
                     # [86]ACTION-467: on - Larry Masinter - Revise Mime
                       & Web blog entry, perhaps leading to Internet
                       Draft - Due: 2010-09-21 - CLOSED
     7. [87]ISSUE-60 (webApplicationState-60): Web Applications:
        Fragment ID Semantics and MIME Types
           + Goals:
                o Review [88]Mime Types and Fragment IDs: Draft TAG
                  Finding 12 August 2011
                o Make decision on direction we take on RDFa Core
                o Decide whether [90]ACTION-543: on - Jeni Tennison -
                  Propose addition to MIME/Web draft to discuss sem-web
                  use of fragids not grounded in media type - Due:
                  2011-06-28 - OPEN is properly phrased given change in
                  direction on [91]MIME architecture for the Web
                o Make decision (again) on direction we take on 3023bis
                o Make sure Product Page [92]Fragment Identifiers and
                  Mime Types reflects our intentions for work in this
                  area moving forward.
           + Background:
                o Product page: [93]Fragment Identifiers and Mime Types
                     # Draft Finding for review by relevant editors by
                       end of 31 July 2011
                     # 31 December 2011: TAG Finding
                o On [94]4 August 2011, Peter Linss agrees to join Jeni
                  Tennison and Henry Thompson working on [95]ACTION-567
                  and [96]ACTION-543
                o [97]ACTION-567: on - Jeni Tennison - Draft a document
                  describing problems around fragids and ways things
                  should be changed - Due: 2011-06-28 - OPEN
                o [98]ACTION-543: on - Jeni Tennison - Propose addition
                  to MIME/Web draft to discuss sem-web use of fragids
                  not grounded in media type - Due: 2011-06-28 - OPEN
                o See also: background material for [99]6-8 June 2011
                  F2F discussion of Fragment Identifiers
                o Note possible relationship to draft TAG Finding on
                  Client-Side State
                o [100]ACTION-508: on - Larry Masinter - Draft proposed
                  bug report against HTML5 media type registration
                  regarding interpretation of fragid in HTML-based AJAX
                  apps - Due: 2011-07-19 - PENDING REVIEW
                o [101]ACTION-509: on - Jonathan Rees - Communicate with
                  RDFa WG regarding documenting the fragid / media type
                  issue - Due: 2011-09-15 - OPEN
     8. [102]ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections-57), [103]ISSUE-63
        (metadataArchitecture-63) and [104]ISSUE-14 (HttpRange-14) : URI
        Definition Discovery; Metadata Architecture
           + Goals:
                o Review new drafts from Jonathan
                o Validate product page
           + Background:
                o Product page: [105]URI Definition Discovery
                     # Key Deliverables:
                          @ July 2012: PR(s) or similar document
                            covering the following:
                              1. URI definition discovery architecture
                              2. ontology (RDF vocabulary) as needed
                          @ July 2012: TAG Note on semantics of metadata
                            for 'information resources'
                     # Schedule:
                          @ 20 June 2011: Revise the two issue-57
                            drafts, put out for review on semantic-web
                            and/or LOD lists
                          @ 20 Jul 2011: Telcon or meeting with
                            concerned parties
                          @ 18 Sept: Decision regarding venue (rec track
                            vs. something else)
                          @ 25 Sept: FPWD or equivalent (note: TPAC 2011
                            publication freeze is mid-October)
                o [106]Interoperability of referential uses of hashless
                  URIs by Jonathan Rees ([107]announcement email) 
                  required reading
                o [108]Providing and discovering definitions of URIs:
                  Editor's Draft 25 June 2011 by Jonathan Rees
                  ([109]announcement email)  required reading
                o [110]Information Resources and Web Metadata: Editor's
                  Draft 25 June 2011 by Jonathan Rees ([111]announcement
                  email)  required reading
                o [112]Wiki page on httpRange-14 history (optional
                o [113]A diagram explaining "metadata", from Jonathan
                o [114]ACTION-201: on - Jonathan Rees - Report on status
                  of AWWSW discussions - Due: 2011-09-06 - OPEN
                o [115]ACTION-282: on - Jonathan Rees - Draft a finding
                  on metadata architecture. - Due: 2011-09-06 - OPEN
                o [116]ACTION-413: on - Dan Connolly - Suggest a path
                  thru some logic terminology that might speed up
                  httpSemantics discussions - Due: 2010-05-07 - CLOSED
                o [117]ACTION-587: on - Jonathan Rees - Prepare issue-57
                  and issue-63 documents for TAG members to discuss at
                  Sept F2F - Due: 2011-08-23 - OPEN
     9. [118]ISSUE-60 (webApplicationState-60): Web Applications:
        Client-side Storage
           + Goals:
                o Decide whether [119]Product Page: Web Application
                  Storage represents work the TAG wants to undertake
                o Discuss [120]Slides from Ashok to be presented at this
                  F2F Check that these weren't reviewed at previous F2F
                o Currently tracking under [121]ISSUE-60, which is the
                  same one we're using for more transient client-side
                  state. Is ISSUE-60 appropriate for both?
           + Background:
                o Required reading: [122]Slides from Ashok to be
                  presented at this F2F ([123]announcement email)
                o From [124]discussion of storage at Feb 2011 F2F:
                  NM: Assuming this is a separate document, what are the
                  top three questions it will answer for the community?
                  AM: Give me three weeks
                  NM: OK, let's suspend judgement on the long-term
                  future of this work until we see your response
                o Ashok' slides from Feb 2011 F2F "Client-Side Storage"
                  ([125]ppt, [126]pdf)
                o Required reading: [127]Client-side Storage : this
                  version was prepared for the October 2010 F2F
                o [128]ACTION-475: on - Ashok Malhotra - Write finding
                  on client-side storage, DanA to review - Due:
                  2011-05-24 - OPEN
                o [129]ACTION-482: on - Ashok Malhotra - Write a draft
                  on client-side storage with help from DanA Due:
                  2010-11-30 - Due: 2010-10-27 - CLOSED -- it was noted
                  that this action was redundant with ACTION-475
    10. [130]ISSUE-50 (URNsAndRegistries-50): Persistent references
           + Goals:
                o Prepare product page for this work
                o Discuss now work on this issue by Jonathan Rees (as of
                  30 August, Jonthan reports that he is hoping to have
                  something, but is not sure of the prospects  if he
                  doesn't have anything, then we'll just pick up where
                  we were in June, and decide whether this should
                  continue to be a "TAG Product", and if so with what
                  priorities, etc.)
           + Background:
                o [131]ACTION-478: on - Jonathan Rees - Prepare a second
                  draft of a finding on persistence of references, to be
                  based on decision tree from Oct. 2010 F2F - Due:
                  2011-08-09 - OPEN
                o [132]ACTION-477: on - Henry Thompson - Organize
                  meeting on persistence of domains - Due: 2011-08-10 -
                o See also [133]agenda item on Persistent References
                  from 6-8 June 2011 F2F (as best the chair can
                  determine, this was on the agenda for June, but not
                  discussed due to time constraints)
                o [134]Jonathan requests opportunity for F2F discussion
                  and lists potential discussion topics
                o Closed actions and earlier discussion:
                     # [135]Discussion at Feb. 2011 F2F
                     # [136]ACTION-444: on - Jonathan Rees - Draft a
                       white paper on link persistence - Due: 2010-10-11
                       - CLOSED
                     # [137]ACTION-414: on - Henry S. Thompson - Prepare
                       a draft agenda, including goals and means, for a
                       proposed afternoon session with invited guests,
                       and circulate for discussion prior to a decision,
                       on the subject of addressing the persistence of
                       domain names - Due: 2010-06-01 - CLOSED
                     # [138]June 2010 F2F discussion of domain name
                       persistence; [139]October 2010 F2F discussion of
                       domain name persistence
    11. [140]ISSUE-25 (deepLinking-25): Can publication of hyperlinks
        constitute copyright infringment?
           + Goals:
                o Resolve confusion regarding goals, TAG member
                  assignments and next steps for this work.
           + Background:
                o Product page: [141]Publishing and Linking on the Web
                     # Key Deliverables:
                          @ TAG W3C Proposed Recommendation: June 2012
                     # Schedule:
                          @ Preliminary legal review between draft
                            editors, W3C legal staff (Rigo?) others
                            (Thinh Nguyen)
                          @ First public working draft 15 October 2011 -
                            before TPAC 2011 publication freeze
                o Draft: [142]Publishing and Linking on the Web Draft
                  TAG Finding 08 June 2011
                o [143]June 2011 F2F discussion concluded next step
                  would be legal review. Dan Appelquist agreed to look
                  into it, but [144]progress has been slow.
                o TAG chair's [145]query for status of this work and
                  followup discussion
                o [146]ACTION-541: on - Jeni Tennison - Helped by DKA to
                  produce a first draft of terminology about
                  (deep-)linking etc. - Due: 2011-07-26 - OPEN
                o Earlier background:
                     # [147]Discussion on 28 April 2011, [148]17 March
                       2011, [149]31 March 2011, and [150]14 April 2011
                       of "Copyright and Deep Linking"
                     # Tim Berners-Lee [151]alerts the TAG to US legal
                       case in which a Mr. Brian McCarthy has been
                       accused of copyright infringement resulting from
                       his (alleged) publication of links to copyrighted
                       material. (See also long ensuing email thread.)
                       ([152]Criminal complaint)
                     # [153]Suggestion to write a technical document on
                       linking and copying (Jonathan)
                     # [154]Discussion with Thinh Nguyen at 3 Dec 2010
                       TAG telcon
                     # [155]ACTION-505: on - Daniel Appelquist - Start a
                       document wrt issue-25 - Due: 2011-03-01 - CLOSED
    12. [156]ISSUE-67 (HTML-XML-Divergence-67): HTML / XML Unification
           + Preparation of a final agenda item on this is being held
             pending discussions with Norm as to what feedback he needs
             form us - see whether Norm wants to join us by phone
           + Goals:
                o Decide whether to recommend publication of
                  [157]HTML/XML Task Force Report W3C Editor's Draft
                  (with revision marks) 15 August 2011 as a Note from
                  the HTML/XML Unification Task Force
                o Decide whether further effort is required by the TAG
                  regarding HTML / XML Unification at this time  if so
                  set goals, perhaps do product page
           + Background:
                o [158]HTML/XML Task Force Report W3C Editor's Draft
                  (with revision marks) 15 August 2011  required
                o [159]ACTION-437: on - Tim Berners-Lee - Create a task
                  force on XML / HTML convergence - Due: 2011-06-01 -
                o Norm Walsh is chairing a group under the TAG's
                  auspices ([160]mailing list)
                o See also:
                     # [161]Polyglot Markup: HTML-Compatible XHTML
                       Documents (part of HTML5 Last Call)
                     # [162]Note from T.V. Raman (3 May 2010)
                     # [163]ACTION-433: on - Tim Berners-Lee - Help Tim
                       get in touch with staff etc. re XML/HTML
                       unification - Due: 2010-05-28 - CLOSED
                     # [164]ACTION-427: on - John Kemp - Read 4
                       distributed extensibility proposals and summarize
                       them w.r.t. proposals TAG has discussed to date -
                       Due: 2010-11-01 - CLOSED
                     # Discussion on 7 June 2010 F2F: [165]"TAG
                       recommends the formation of a task force to drive
                       the reunification of XML and HTML"
                     # [166]September/October 2010 HMTL WG poll on
                       distributed extensibility
                     # [167]TAG endorses "like SVG" extension mechanism
                       for HTML5
    13. Administration:
           + Future TAG F2F meetings
                o TPAC in Santa Clara, 31 Oct. - 4 Nov. 2011
                o [168]RESOLVED (at June 2011 F2F): The TAG will meet in
                  Cambridge, MA USA 4-6 January 2012
                o [169]RESOLVED (at June 2011 F2F): TAG members will
                  hold 2-4 April 2012 for TAG meeting in Sophia
                  Antipolis, France. The meeting is not yet confirmed.
                  It's still in order to ask for changes.
           + Group photo?
    14. Action item review:
           + [170]Pending review actions in [171]Tracker
           + [172]Overdue actions in [173]Tracker
           + [174]Open actions in [175]Tracker


Optional Agenda Items

    As of 30 August, agenda planning for the following is incomplete.
    Time is likely tight, so I'm putting these in an optional section,
    in part to see which ones get the most support. Also note that in
    some cases, details for these are not completely correct. I will, of
    course, fix the ones that stay on the final agenda. [Noah]

     1. [176]Web Applications: Design of APIs for Web Applications
           + Goals:
                o Review [177]Data Minimization in Web APIs: Draft TAG
                  Finding 05 June 2011 a new draft from Dan on API
                  minmization, promised for 3 June 2011 (not required
                  reading, due to late arrival)
                o Decide whether the TAG wants to produce a Finding on
                  Design of APIs for Web Applications
           + Background:
                o [178]Data Minimization in Web APIs: Draft TAG Finding
                  05 June 2011
                o Brief [179]discussion on 12 May 2011
                o [180]Discussion at Feb 2011 TAG F2F
                o [181]ACTION-514: on - Daniel Appelquist - Draft
                  finding on API minimization Due: 2011-02-01 - Due:
                  2011-01-27 - OPEN
                o From previous F2F: [182]Dan Appelquist writeup on API
                  Design - ([183]announcement email)
                o [184]ACTION-461: on - Daniel Appelquist - Draft
                  "finding" on Web Apps API design - Due: 2010-12-31 -
     2. Product: [185]Coordination with IAB/IETF on architecture of web
        applications: Joint session with Internet Architecture Board
           + Goal:
                o Discuss technical topics of mutual interest with the
                  Internet Architecture Board
           + Background:
                o [186]ACTION-566: on - Daniel Appelquist - Contact
                  Alissa Cooper, organize a future joint discussion on
                  privacy with IAB. - Due: 2011-07-19 - OPEN
                o Please see [187]draft agenda for IAB/TAG discussions
                o TAG panel participation at IETF meeting in Prague
                  ([188]slides, [189]TAG post facto discussion)
                o [190]ACTION-549: on - Larry Masinter - (with help from
                  Henry and Yves) make proposals for topics to be
                  pursued with IAB - Due: 2011-06-02 - OPEN
                o [191]ACTION-460: on - Daniel Appelquist - Coordinate
                  with IAB regarding next steps on privacy policy - Due:
                  2011-05-24 - OPEN
                o [192]ACTION-497: on - Larry Masinter - Prepare us for
                  a teleconference with IETF-IAB on possible prague IETF
                  presentation. - Due: 2010-12-21 - CLOSED
     3. [193]ACTION-545: Privacy
           + On [194]11 August 2011 we agreed to have "at most" 1/2 hour
             on this, and much skepticism was expressed
           + Goals:
                o Review the [195]Report of the W3C Workshop on Web
                  Tracking and User Privacy (required reading)
                o We will focus primarily, but not exclusively on "Do
                  Not Track" proposals
                o Decide how the TAG will engage in privacy-related work
                  for the remainder of 2011
           + Background:
                o [196]Report of the W3C Workshop on Web Tracking and
                  User Privacy (required reading)
                o [197]ACTION-460: on - Daniel Appelquist - Coordinate
                  with IAB regarding next steps on privacy policy - Due:
                  2011-05-24 - OPEN
                o [198]ACTION-550: on - Daniel Appelquist - With help
                  from Noah to plan TAG work on privacy, leading to
                  session at F2F, next step is contact with TLR - Due:
                  2011-05-12 - OPEN
                o [199]ACTION-507: on - Daniel Appelquist - With Noah to
                  suggest next steps for TAG on privacy - Due:
                  2011-05-03 - CLOSED
                o [200]ACTION-545: on - Ashok Malhotra - Report to TAG,
                  after privacy workshop, regarding architecture issue
                  on privacy and especially degree to which use cases
                  beyond those addressed by "Do Not Track" need
                  attention - Due: 2011-05-03 - CLOSED
                o Earlier background:
                     # IETF/W3C Privacy workshop was held at MIT 8-98
                       December 2011. "Action Items" for W3C were
                       proposed. See: [201]Action items (PDF - may need
                       rotating) collected at IETF/W3C Privacy Workshop
                     # [202]ACTION-264: on - Ashok Malhotra - Draft
                       agenda item for upcoming telcon discussion of
                       geolocation and privacy - Due: 2009-08-04 -
                     # [203]ACTION-290: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Write to
                       Geolocation WG saying "we have concern that the
                       spec does not say enough user privacy" - Due:
                       2009-07-30 - CLOSED
                     # [204]ACTION-408: on - Daniel Appelquist - Look
                       into next steps on a workshop around device APIs,
                       privacy etc. with tlr - Due: 2010-03-31 - CLOSED
                     # [205]ACTION-506: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Noah to
                       bring proposed W3C Actions on Privacy before the
                       TAG - TLR to report back to IETF - Due:
                       2011-01-11 - CLOSED
                     # Papers from earlier IETF/W3C workshop on privacy
                       were at
              but that link appears
                       not to work any more ([207]ACTION-490: on - Noah
                       Mendelsohn - Noah and others(?) going to privacy
                       workshop to report back to the TAG? - Due:
                       2010-12-21 - CLOSED) ([208]ACTION-506: on - Noah
                       Mendelsohn - Noah to bring proposed W3C Actions
                       on Privacy before the TAG - TLR to report back to
                       IETF - Due: 2011-01-11 - CLOSED)
     4. Web Applications: Security
           + Goals:
                o This will be a brief, and mostly non-technical(!)
                  discussion of how the TAG can engage on security
                  issues now that John Kemp is no longer a memeber
           + Background:
                o On 11 August there was some [209]encouragement for a
                  session on security, but goals not really clear
                o [210]ACTION-515: on - Larry Masinter - (as trackbot
                  proxy for John) who will publish
                  slightly cleaned up, with help from Noah and Larry -
                  Due: 2011-07-30 - OPEN
                o [211]ACTION-554: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Formulate
                  product page for TAG work on security including John
                  Kemp security draft Due: 2011-05-24 - Due: 2011-09-15
                  - OPEN
                o [212]ACTION-344: on - Jonathan Rees - Alert TAG chair
                  when CORS and/or UMP goes to LC to trigger security
                  review - Due: 2011-05-23 - OPEN
                o [213]ACTION-516: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Talk with
                  Thomas Roessler about organizing W3C architecture work
                  on security - Due: 2011-05-17 - PENDING REVIEW
                o [214]ACTION-341: on - Yves Lafon - Follow up with
                  Thomas about security review activities for HTML5 -
                  Due: 2011-05-10 - OPEN
                o [215]ACTION-417: on - John Kemp - Frame section 7,
                  security - Due: 2011-01-25 - CLOSED
                o See also:
                     # [216]ACTION-33: on - Henry S. Thompson - revise
                       naming challenges story in response to Dec 2008
                       F2F discussion - Due: 2011-06-06 - OPEN
                     # [217]ACTION-280: on - Dan Connolly - (with John
                       K) to enumerate some CSRF scenarios discussed in
                       Jun in Cambridge - Due: 2010-10-11 - CLOSED
                     # [218]ACTION-340: on - John Kemp - summarize
                       recent discussion around XHR and UMP - Due:
                       2010-06-04 - CLOSED
                     # [219]ACTION-412: on - Dan Connolly - Try the
                       clarification question, blog item, or wiki
                       approach to metadata-in-uris vs CSRF - Due:
                       2010-06-07 - CLOSED
                     # [220]ACTION-435: on - Jonathan Rees - Consult
                       Tyler Close regarding UMP-informed web storage
                       vulnerability analysis - Due: 2010-06-22 - CLOSED
                     # [221]CORS, UMP and XHR by John Kemp (required
                       reading for previous F2F)
                     # John Kemp's [222]note framing a security section
                       for the architecture of Web Applications
     5. RFC 3023bis and IRI
           + Goals:
                o Discuss coordination of technical issues relating to
                  emerging drafts for RFC 3023bis and IRI
                o Decide whether TAG should be actively involved in
                  resolving any of these issues
           + Background:
                o Henry [223]provides details of issues to be
                  considered. The following is adapted from Henry's
                     # [224]RFC 3023bis and fragment identifiers -- We
                       discussed this a year ago ([225]minutes) and came
                       to a conclusion, which Noah took to
                       [226]ACTION-441 to convey to the 3023 editors.
                       There was [227]substantial pushback. Jonathan
                       [228]reported on our further discussion to the
                       3023 editors, setting out a number of alternative
                       ways forward. Chris Lilley [229]replied stating a
                       preference for option 2. But nothing has
                       happened. . . Time to put a TAG push behind a new
                       draft of 3023bis?
                     # 3023bis and Processor Profiles -- The XML
                       Processing Model WG has produced a [230]Last Call
                       WD for XML Processing Profiles. Would 3023bis be
                       the architecturally correct place to connect this
                       to XML itself?
                     # IRIbis and HTML5 'URIs' -- The HTML WG has
                       removed all reference to 3987bis, but the IRI WG
                       is exploring ways to get back in (the following
                       is quoted from
       "In March 2011, the W3C's HTML WG made a decision to close
        ISSUE-56 when the parties involved could not come to agreement
        on aligning HTML5 with the IRI WG's revisions to RFC 3987:



       "That decision effectively removed the HTML5 specification's
        dependency on rfc3987bis.  It appears that this was done so
        that the HTML5 specification could define how to translate
        input strings contained in text/html documents into URIs.

        . . .

       "However, our understanding is that ISSUE-56 can be reopened if
        new information emerges, such as "IETF completing production of
        a document suitable as a formal reference".  And of course as
        chairs of the IRI WG we would like to deliver such a document."
                o [232]Paul Grosso notes: Also related to IRIbis is the
                  XML Core desire to be able to reference it normatively
                  from the XML and related specs for the definition of
                  LEIRIs as recorded at
                  re-wg/2011Mar/0022 among other places.
     6. Open issue review:
           + Goal: review our list of [234]open issues  look especially
             for issues that are open but dormant decide to assign
             resource/close/leave as background activity.


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