Status of TAG work on Publishing and Linking on the Web

Jeni and Dan,

In preparation for the Sept. F2F, I've been looking at our work on 
Publishing and Linking on the Web [1]. Please verify that this 
reconstruction of the "state of play" is correct, and suggest next steps.

The latest draft of a report [2] has a date of 8 June 2011, which was the 
last day of our F2F meeting, and as best I can tell, it's not significantly 
different than the 28 May Draft [3] that we reviewed at the F2F (log of 
discussion at [4]).

Crucially, at the end of the discussion it was noted:

 > dka: we need a live legal review, don't think we can do it just by > 
sending the document out

 > goal is to get legal feedback before next F2F

The pertinent action appears to be ACTION-541, and I note that on 23 June 
Jeni bumped the due date on that to 26 July.

We did mention this briefly on 11 August [5], and Henry at that time said:

 >HT: We need to do something that gets into the public media

Probably I should have been tracking all this a bit more closely, but I 
doubt we've moved on the legal review yet. Would it be possible to:

1) within the next few days, at least try to get some proposals together 
for who would do the review, with respect to what specific questions & 
concerns, and when the review might be done?

2) Consider whether it makes sense to further review [1] ahead of the F2F, 
or whether we should put it off? It's such good substantial work that I 
hate to lose a F2F review cycle on it, but worse would be spending time if 
there's nothing new to do.

Also: I'm concerned that with the microdata/RDFa work, Jeni is spread thin. 
If we should be bringing someone else up to speed on this, let's think 
about it ahead of the F2F if possible.

Any suggestions on all of this would be much appreciated. Thank you.



P.S. Tracker, this relates to ACTION-541.

Received on Saturday, 27 August 2011 03:26:31 UTC