Re: ACTION-515 and ACTION-516: Publishing John Kemp's TAG work on security

Hmm. I'm not sure how I can help; it looks like introductory material to me.

On 05/08/2011, at 11:10 AM, Larry Masinter wrote:

> I still have TAG action items to work on getting this document 
> progressed. My action items are:
> and
> Looking over the document, though, I'm not sure what else I think should happen with this document. It's incomplete, of course, but I don't have any ideas of a path forward that would make it more useful than just as an introduction document to help establish the problem statement for the existing groups in W3C and IETF over web security.
> Larry
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> It was brought to their attention, as well as the folks doing the security properties document in HTTPbis.
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> On 25/07/2011, at 6:05 PM, Larry Masinter wrote:
>> I forgot, I had an action item to get Kemp's security document into some other forum. Did this happen with websec? I thought I saw something in the IETF/W3C liaison meeting minutes...
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>> work on security
>> John Kemp wrote:
>>> Speaking personally, I actually did some more work in attempting to 
>>> address comments on the document from the F2F, but because I didn't 
>>> see any telco agenda item, or generally know what I should/can do 
>>> given that I'm no longer on the TAG, my work has tailed off to the 
>>> point where I await instruction from the group as to what the point 
>>> of my work should be. I believe that any work on security should form 
>>> part of an ongoing TAG activity. I am willing to aid that activity by 
>>> continuing to write about security on the Web, but I'd need someone 
>>> on the TAG to ensure that the TAG continues to have interest in that 
>>> work. If no such interest is present, I will continue to occasionally 
>>> publish Web security items on my blog from time to time.
>> John, thank you, and please accept my apologies. I should have been 
>> clearer that your contributions are always both welcome and 
>> appreciated. Except for the fact that you no longer get a formal vote 
>> in setting priorities and directions for the group, you should always 
>> feel free and indeed encouraged both to move things forward when you 
>> can, and to be proactive in contacting me and the group to make 
>> suggestions for what you feel we should do (as any member of the 
>> public can), or to discuss how you can contribute should you wish to.
>> In this case, given where the actions have been assigned, I suggest 
>> that you work with Larry (ACTION-515) and me to prepare for the 
>> upcoming F2F suggestions on how we might best move forward, both with 
>> the writing you have started and with broader TAG efforts relating to 
>> security. Of course, there's no obligation on your part, but anything 
>> you can do is gratefully accepted. Indeed, if you have the time and 
>> inclination, you are welcome to join us in person for discussions of 
>> security or anything else that may be of interest. Just let me know in 
>> time to have Amy include you in the food count.
>> Thank you!
>> Noah
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