Plan for TAG Sept F2F and 4 August teleconference -- TAG members please read now

TAG members:

The purpose of this note is to get everyone focused on planning for the 
Sept. F2F in Edinburgh, and in particular to suggest steps that you should 
take ahead of this week's teleconference. After this week, our next call is 
likely to be just a few days ahead of the F2F. So, even though it's early, 
I want to spend most of our time this week making sure we're well focused 
on having a productive Sept. meeting.

At our June F2F, we prepared a spreadsheet [1,2] with prioritization of our 
major projects, and we identified five as top priority.

I have updated our master product page [3] with separate sections for our 
top priority [4] and other active projects [5]. I suggest you refer to [3] 
regularly to track the "big picture" of what the TAG is doing.

==> Ahead of this week's call, I would appreciate your doing the following:

* Carefully read the product page at [3], and the individual product pages 
linked from it. If they don't accurately reflect our agreements so far, or 
if you think other changes are needed, please let me know.

* Particularly for the projects with which you are most involved, please be 
ready to discuss on the telcon what you plan to do in preparation for the 
Sept. meeting.  If you won't be on the call, please send e-mail in advance.

* There will likely be other important work to do in Sept. as well, I.e. 
things that don't fit neatly into our bigger projects. Please be prepared 
to discuss those too.

Of course, we will continue to use open actions in tracker[6] for 
organizing work at a finer granularity; the intent with [3] is to have one 
place where we, W3C management, and the public can go to find out about our 
most important efforts, and for us to use in making sure they stay on track.

Thank you.



Received on Monday, 1 August 2011 21:02:26 UTC