ACTION-536: TAG work on interaction

Trying to sort out the state of play on all our outstanding TAG work, I note:

ACTION-536: Noah to work with HST to identify a way forward wrt interaction

This was assigned in March, around the time that John's time on the TAG 
ended. I confess I don't have a lot of time to dive into this in detail. As 
best I can tell our options are:

1. Decide that this makes the cut relative to other priorities, and find 
one or more other TAG members who will sign up to do significant work on 
this over the next 6 months. If so, do a product page, etc.

2. Decide that now is not the time, close the action, put this to bed, and 
maybe or maybe not leave tracks that would cause this to get looked at 
again in 6 months to a year.

Do you agree those are the options? I'm leaning toward #2 but am happy to 
be convinced of #1. We can discuss on the call tomorrow if enough people 
show up, otherwise at the F2F. Thank you.


Received on Thursday, 11 August 2011 00:25:20 UTC