Requesting status update on TAG fragid work

Henry, Peter and Jeni:

 From the as yet unpublished log of the 4 August TAG meeting:

<noah> NM: Peter, can you join Henry and Jeni on ACTION-543 and ACTION-567?

<noah> PL: Yes, willing to try.

<noah> HT: Not sure what to do.

<noah> NM: My priority is making real progress at the F2F so we can have a 
finding in Dec. Can HT, PL and Jeni tell me in a week or so how they 
recommend doing that?

<noah> HT: Yes.

When do you expect that you might provide an update? As you know the call 
this week may be our last chance to organize August work in anticipation of 
the F2F. Thank you.


Received on Monday, 8 August 2011 18:36:27 UTC