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SVG 1.2 Tiny Questions - <animation/> Glenn A. Adams (Tuesday, 23 August)

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Free SVG renderes comparison page Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller (Monday, 22 August)

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SVG Fonts and hinting Ognyan Kulev (Sunday, 21 August)

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[META] Out of Office Replies to List Contributions David Woolley (Sunday, 21 August)

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SVG 1.2 Comment: Johan Kok (Wednesday, 17 August)

[sXBL] xbl01.svg is not well-formed Takeshi Kurosawa (Tuesday, 16 August)

sXBL vs XBL: Who will write appendix? Alex Vincent (Wednesday, 17 August)

SVG 11 DTD Vinnakota, Swapna (Thursday, 11 August)

[SVGMobile12] <textArea> Shivi Gupta (Wednesday, 10 August)

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Extension mechanisms in SVG Full 1.2? Risto Pohjonen (Tuesday, 9 August)

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visio20002svg? Aaron (Monday, 8 August)

Open Clip Art Library Release 0.16 Announcement :: http://www.openclipart.org Jon Phillips (Monday, 8 August)

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