While we appreciate your answer and opinion, useless or not, Corel
has included it as a part of their output format from their Designer 12
software. Our problem is that the Microsoft MSXML parser is failing on
version 1.1 of the DTD but runs properly on version 1.0. The parsing
error indicates "Parameter entity must be defined before it is used".
Any suggestions as to what may be causing this would be appreciated. 

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Vinnakota, Swapna wrote:
> Because of the DTD issue we are getting errors when trying to execute 
> a certain functionality in our application with includes a link to the

> above URL. However if we make use of svg10.dtd
> ( everything 
> seems to work fine. We definitely want to be able to use svg11.dtd in 
> our application. Can you please provide your feedback on this? Please 
> contact me if you need any further information. Thank you!

DTDs are completely useless, if you're having trouble because of the
inclusion of a DTD, I recommend simply removing the link to it and all
trouble should go away.

Robin Berjon
   Senior Research Scientist

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