Re: [SVGMobile12] out-of-range values

Hi Ian,

This heading of this section will be changed to indicate that it only 
defines clamping of colour an opacity values. A heading such as 
'Clamping of Colour and Opacity Values' will be given to section C.5.

There is no requirement specified for User Agents for clamping any other 

In response to other last call comments the group has made changes to 
the data types chapter (chapter 4) to make it clear that any other range 
restrictions specified are range restrictions on conforming content. 
Here is an example from the updated version of the types chapter:

    <integer>: An <integer> is specified as an optional sign character
    ('+' or '-') followed by one or more digits "0" to "9". If the sign
    character is not present, the number is non-negative.
    Conforming SVG Tiny 1.2 content must use <integer> with a range of
    -32,768 to 32,767

Craig Northway

Ian Hickson wrote:

>Section C.5 Clamping values which are restricted to a particular range 
>does not define what to do with values other than colours and opacities 
>that are out of range. For example, large or small <numbers>.

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