RE: Request for Future Feature: Star Element

As a cartographer I must agree with Doug. How many people develop their 
own applications and get lost with the very complex path element.
In my opinion we need 2 new graphic elements:
- a regular polygon with radius, inner radius, number of edges
- a pie sector with angle, start angle, radius (and maybe an inner 
radius for ring sectors)

I know that each person has a different idea of extending the standard, 
but from an teachers and application developers point of view the 2 new 
elements are used very often. And isn't it the main advantage of SVG, 
that the code is readable and understandable (even for non-programmers)?

Just my 2 cents
Olaf Schnabel

Olaf Schnabel
Department of Cartography
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
ETH Hoenggerberg, CH-8093  Zurich, Switzerland
phone: ++41 44 633 3031

Received on Thursday, 25 August 2005 09:25:50 UTC