Re: Request for Future Feature: Star Element

On 8/24/05, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
> <star id='pentagram' cx='300' cy='100' r='40' r2='20' points='5'
> orient='point'/>

Inserting all kinds of fancy things into the standard does not sound
like a good idea to me. What would you save with the above, compared
to a simple <path> that draws the same shape? A few bytes? Is this
worth the trouble you'll be giving all implementors?

Moreover, those implementor that need stars, have already implemented
them via <path>. For example Inkscape can not only do arbitrary stars,
but it can also round them:

and even randomize them:

Which means that, to maintain those features, Inkscape will still be
unable to use a <star> even if it is introduced.

In general, let's not bloat the standard. If something can be
trivially done from the existing primitives, leave it to the
implementors to do it.

bulia byak
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Received on Wednesday, 24 August 2005 15:44:40 UTC