Re: Convert path arcs to cubic splines?

Hi Mark,

    You might want to look at the Apache Batik project:

    It includes a class called 'ExtendedGeneralPath' that
wraps a standard GeneralPath and supports all of the SVG
draw commands.  Batik also includes a parser for the
path syntax which might be helpful.  In general if you want
to do something with SVG in Java you should look carefully
at Batik.

Mark McKay wrote:

> I'm having trouble tring to figute out how to calculate arcs.  In 
> particular, I'd like to convert a path's arc syntax into the equivilant 
> (or closest) cubic syntax.
> I'm writing a program that parses the content of the path element and 
> produces GeneralPath shapes in Java.  The GeneralPath can create shapes 
> composed of linear, quadratic and cubic splines.  Any light shed into 
> how to interpret the arc syntax would be a big help.
> Mark McKay

Received on Saturday, 6 August 2005 17:07:17 UTC