Re: Request for Future Feature: Star Element

Hi Doug

you are right, a pie sector is a very special shape. A triangle is much 
more common. But a triangle can easily created as a polygon with 3 edges 
(okay, it's a symmetric triangle, but you can scale it.).

And yes, you can overlay the pies to get a ring sector, but than you 
have to create again 2 pie sectors (very complex path elements). If you 
use a discrete banded radial gradient, you can't use patterns. In my 
opinion there's no easy way to generate such a shape without going into 
the complex path syntax.


Doug Schepers wrote:
> Hi, Olaf-
> | Olaf Schnabel wrote:
> | |
> | | In my opinion we need 2 new graphic elements:
> | | - a regular polygon with radius, inner radius, number of edges
> | | - a pie sector with angle, start angle, radius (and maybe an inner 
> | | radius for ring sectors)
> Oh, one other thing. Ring sectors could be done pretty simply another way,
> by overlaying pies of various sizes, or by using a discrete banded radial
> gradient.
> Regards-
> Doug

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