Re: svg embedding

> I'm trying to embed svg in a html page . This works with <EMBED
> src=3D....svg>.

Note that embed is a proprietory element.  The W3C supported HTML 
element is OBJECT, but browser support of OBJECT is poor.

> However I'd like to include the svg data in the html file . How could I
> do this ?

You can't mix namespaces in HTML, you need to use XHTML and you need a
browser that supports[A] XHTML as XML (i.e. with an xhtml+xml (spelling?)
media types - IE6 doensn't - and the browser needs to natively support
both XHTML and SVG namespaces.  I believe W3C's Amaya is such a browser.
I believe Mozilla/Firefox can be built as such a browser, but the default
build doesn't support SVG.

(Note that one criticism during the recent SVG specfication review was
that the SVG working group puts a low priority on mixed namespaces.)

[A] But note that IE6 supports namespace syntax in nominally HTML
documents, and in XHTML in HTML fallback mode.

Received on Monday, 29 August 2005 12:33:19 UTC