SVG 1.2 Tiny Questions - <animation/>

1. In Section 12.4 [1], 2nd para, it is stated that:

"The 'use' element makes a conceptual reference to the original
content while the 'animation' element makes a duplicate of the
original content".

What exactly is meant by "duplicate" in this context? Presumably this
does not mean that a duplicate of the referenced document or document
fragment is to be populated into the referencing document. If this is
true, then what does it mean? 


2. In [1], 10th para, it is stated that:

"... the conceptual processing model is that the entire document
containing the fragment is processed as a complete SVG document
instance (coordinate systems transformations and stylesheets are
applied; scripts are executed; etc.)"

In contrast, section 14.1.1, which applies to <animation/>, it is
stated that:

"When an 'animation' element references external SVG documents (or
document fragments) the referenced document/fragment MUST NOT contain
scripting, hyperlinking to animations or any externally referenced
'use' or 'animation' elements."

There appears to be a contradiction regarding scripting, and perhaps
regarding the use of 'use' and 'animation' elements in the referenced
document containing a fragment (cf. "the fragment is processed as a
complete SVG document instance").


3. Regarding focus and <animation/>, can focus be automatically
navigated (via the SVGSVGElement) into the viewport created by the
<animation> element? If so, does that imply that the content is copied
into the DOM and can be traversed by tree walking?


Received on Tuesday, 23 August 2005 17:30:13 UTC