Free SVG renderes comparison page

I thought I should let you know about a page I put together for
comparing the w3c test images with the major free SVG renderes in use

Be aware though that it is not meant as a true comparison as some of the
software used is CVS versions while other is latest versions shipped by
my linux distro, so the comparison is a bit tilted towards the projects
I have a personal interest in. (although due to the recent switch to
Cairo librsvg have had quite a few regressions).

Anyway I would also like to once again ask that the open source SVG
projects listed on my page gets added to the w3c page of
implementations, I asked for this before and it frustrates me quite a
lot that almost none of the major free projects gets listed even though
we are probably doing just as much if not more to help promote the SVG
format than the software listed there today.


Received on Monday, 22 August 2005 09:03:32 UTC