RE: 15.1.2 Navigation

Hi, David-
| The original does not appear to have been public, so I'm 
| responding to the quotation, and to one particular statement, 
| possibly out of context.

The original was public, on this list, it's just been a long time:

| > DS> commitment; if a person is slightly surprised by an unorthodox 
| > DS> navigation decision, they can quickly figure out the 
| system behind 
| > DS> it and navigate to
| As a general principle, this is only true if they are 
| computer literate, reasonably intelligent, and committed.  
| Maybe as much as 50% of the population don't fall into this 
| category (actually more if you consider committed and a site 
| that they don't consider important enough).  I would say the 
| vast majority of those over 70 don't fall into the category.

I would be interested to see a study that addresses this issue. My intuition
is that you're overestimating the complexity of the task. Have you tried the
example I posted?

Without intent to dismiss your claim, or the audience you mention, I don't
think that the vast majority of those over 70 are using WebApps. I'm not
proposing that this is the only method of navigation, rather that it is a
viable alternative for those who prefer or require keyboard rather than


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