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"XML Entity Definitions for Characters" Last Call Draft

[Entities-last-call] - bfsfit glyphs

[Entities-last-call] - missing entities in w3centities-f.ent

[Entities-last-call] U02220-020D2 , five hexadecimal digits,...

[last-call] missing attributes in schema

[MathML-Last-Call] dir on mrow should not default to ltr

[MathML-Last-Call] Inherited attributes and default values

[MathML-Last-Call] mspace and indentation

[MathML-Last-Call] mstyle attribute exceptions

[MathML-Last-Call] Table of pseudo-script characters


[MathML3-last-call] add a notion of "natural" direction for operators to prevent weird stretching

[MathML3-last-call] bad example using mscarries

[MathML3-last-call] Clarify how a missing divisor or result are given for mlongdiv

[MathML3-last-call] comment on media-type registrations for MathML

[MathML3-last-call] comments from HTML WG

[MathML3-last-call] dir listed twice for math element in schema

[MathML3-last-call] End of Last Call Review Period

[MathML3-last-call] for consistency, the order of the result and divisor should be swapped in mlongdiv

[MathML3-last-call] Improving MathML internationalization capabilities

[MathML3-last-call] mathvariant

[MathML3-last-call] media-types mentioned in encoding attributes

[MathML3-last-call] Mixing Markup Languages title is over general

[MathML3-last-call] mscarry should inherit its values, not have defaults

[MathML3-last-call] PMML @title attribute

[MathML3-last-call] RTL and mlabeledtr

[MathMLCSS-last-call] comments from CSS WG

[MathMLCSS-last-call] End of Last Call Review Period

[MathMLCSS-last-call] initial thoughts re. XSL-FO

ARSPA-WITS'10: call for papers

CfP: Third International Congress on Mathematical Software

How do you divide?

How do you encode "a < b = c" in content MathML?

isotech error with lowast?

Last Call for XML Entity Definitions for Characters

mmultiscripts attributes

New version of Formulator MathML editor, cross-platform edition

please comment on media-type registrations for MathML

Underscript-overscript Pair (munderover) is not working properly on Firefox

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