Re: [Entities-last-call] U02220-020D2 , five hexadecimal digits,...


> seems to point to an existing file. Nevertheless it shows a placeholder only.

Ah thanks for that, The png works in firefox but not in IE. That's
happened before occasionally, previously if I use imagemagic convert to
convert the png (to anything and back again) it will warn of some
internal inconsistency and fix it up....

$ convert U02220-020D2.png x.gif
convert: Incorrect tRNS chunk length `U02220-020D2.png'.

David Carlisle@dcarlisle /home/w3c/WWW/2003/entities/2007doc/glyphs/022
$ convert x.gif U02220-020D2.png 

David Carlisle@dcarlisle /home/w3c/WWW/2003/entities/2007doc/glyphs/022
$ cvs commit -m "bad chunk length" U02220-020D2.png
Checking in U02220-020D2.png;
/w3ccvs/WWW/2003/entities/2007doc/glyphs/022/U02220-020D2.png,v  <--  U02220-020D2.png
new revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1

yes seems to work now, try the editor's draft at


> I prefer hexadecimal Unicode code point numbers to have four or six
> digits. May be that is old-fashioned and byte-oriented. But five digit
> numbers hurt my eyes especially in columns with the title "BMP". 

original versions of these tables (in mathml, going back a decade or so)
used the internal U01234 form pretty much everywhere: this form has
advantages in the internal build as it's a valid XML ID (unlike U+ form
which can't be used as an XML ID value, and consistently using 5 digits
allows things to be sorted naively (until someone pushes some
interesting characters in the 6 digit range;-) however in the visible
text of the specification we've almost completely switched to using the
Unicode U+1234 form, just using the original form for internal
identifiers, and png file names, so I suppose it makes sense to catch
the remaing cases as well.  All the tables are generated so changing
notation isn't a big deal just a matter of dropping in a suitable
regular expression replace. I'll see what I can do.

> What is the reason to show duplicates like " oplus, oplus, CirclePlus
> ".

well they are dupicated because (in the case of oplus) the name is both
in xhtml-symbol and in isoamsb, but since I don't show the set name
there the duplication is not very helpful, .....
I just checked in the stylesheet with distinct-values() xpath functin inserted

and the editors' draft now just shows these just once:

Thanks for your comments.


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