Re: [Entities-last-call] - bfsfit glyphs

me> It's 10 years ago and I'm not sure I have the sources, but I did
me> tweak the metafont parameters taking a creative merge of the bold,
me> slanted  and sans serif parameters  to come up with a bold sans serif
me> slanted. Perhaps I wasn't creative enough, I agree it could be
me> more bold.

Actually it was only 9 years, October 2000 seems to have been the last
time I touched those sources...

Will> It wasn't the absolute weight that I was worried about, just that it  
Will> looked like the same glyphs were being used for normal weight slanted  
Will> sans serif as well.

They din't only look similar: cmp confirmed the png files were identical.
So despite there being a start of some mf sources for this, it appears
that I just used the normal weight ones.

Rather than switch to Stix beta here I decided to stick with the
Computer Modern heritage of (almost) all the rest and have tweaked the
metafont a bit more resulting in an updated set of bold slanted sans
glyphs as can be seen in the editors' draft:

Thanks for reporting this,


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