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Bug opening file Brant Langer Gurganus (Monday, 31 December)

Missing links in amaya build Burnie West (Sunday, 30 December)

Amaya for XP? Gregg Vanderheiden (Thursday, 27 December)

Re: Bugs: Special characters change, insert img doesn't work John Coady (Thursday, 27 December)

New CSS Bug Brant Langer Gurganus (Friday, 28 December)

MathML Presentation Alberto Manuel Brandao Simoes (Friday, 28 December)

Re: Image not appearing John Russell (Thursday, 27 December)

Amaya 5.3 GTK/LINUX-ELF discrepancies Keith Hopper (Thursday, 27 December)

Amaya properties Brant Langer Gurganus (Monday, 24 December)

Possible bug in structure view with linking. Brant Langer Gurganus (Monday, 24 December)

Two display problems with CSS coding. John Russell (Saturday, 22 December)

General Bug Brant Langer Gurganus (Saturday, 22 December)

URL interperetation question Brant Langer Gurganus (Friday, 21 December)

Structure View Bug Brant Langer Gurganus (Friday, 21 December)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Quick tutorial for annotations in Amaya Jose Kahan (Thursday, 20 December)

Tables centering bradleyw@magma.ca (Wednesday, 19 December)

(Fwd) Re: Bug with File > New John Russell (Wednesday, 19 December)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] The Amaya RPM package is available Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 19 December)

another page with odd behavior in amaya John Russell (Wednesday, 19 December)

now it is the img that bothers me John Russell (Wednesday, 19 December)

further on text color John Russell (Wednesday, 19 December)

text color error John Russell (Wednesday, 19 December)

documentation 5.3 John Russell (Wednesday, 19 December)

Structure View Feature Request Brant Langer Gurganus (Tuesday, 18 December)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Amaya debian packages are available Jose Kahan (Tuesday, 18 December)

[Announcement] Amaya 5.3 Irene VATTON (Tuesday, 18 December)

colors and centering John Russell (Sunday, 16 December)

Link Alexandre Brillant (Friday, 14 December)

CVS Amaya doesn't build on Linux 2.4.9 Horatio Davis (Wednesday, 12 December)

NT-5.2a flubs Jigsaw Home Page John D. Ramsdell (Monday, 10 December)

bug - amaya crash on ctrl-arrow Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 11 December)

Amaya and the diff program Doug Ransom (Sunday, 9 December)

bug - copying images doesn't work. Charles McCathieNevile (Saturday, 8 December)

check this out guys Valerie@yahoo.com (Saturday, 8 December)

CSS rendering John Russell (Friday, 7 December)

New mailing list Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Friday, 7 December)

Bug in selecting table elements Charles McCathieNevile (Thursday, 6 December)

Installation of Version 5.2 on Tru64-Unix (former OSF1) Herbert Walter (Thursday, 6 December)

RFE: Graphical manipulation of table spans Michael Smith (Thursday, 6 December)

Amaya strange behavior Alexandre Brillant (Tuesday, 4 December)

Re: Multi-line meta attributes Marc Rubin, Jay's Island Software Development Solutions & Consulting (Tuesday, 4 December)

Amaya bug NamKy.Nguyen@nre.vic.gov.au (Tuesday, 4 December)

Crashing bug on W2K and other issues Csaba Gabor (Monday, 3 December)

amaya Casadoudous@aol.com (Friday, 30 November)

Spanish translation underway Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 3 December)

Templates Brant Langer Gurganus (Saturday, 1 December)

css status page John Russell (Friday, 30 November)

feature requests re: Find George Herson (Friday, 30 November)

image maps ??? John Russell (Thursday, 29 November)

bug in amaya 5-2 while editing svg-documents Arne Peters (Wednesday, 28 November)

Amaya Bug ALLION Franck (Monday, 26 November)

Amaya : Bravo , Bugs et suggestions Raymond Fétiveau (Saturday, 24 November)

Tables William Bradley (Friday, 23 November)

NT-5.2a: all menus only if installed to default path? Thomas Knecht (Friday, 23 November)

Bug report, Amaya 5.2, bogus paragraph Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 23 November)

XHTML validity bug Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 23 November)

another bug John Russell (Wednesday, 21 November)

[Fwd: View source in Amaya 5.2] Maurizio Codogno (Wednesday, 21 November)

Re: Can Amaya run on NANO A Irene Vatton (Wednesday, 21 November)

[Fwd: View source in Amaya 5.2] Coralie Mercier (Wednesday, 21 November)

modifying default DOCTYPE header in 5.2? galwebmestre@ifrance.com (Tuesday, 20 November)

Re: amaya source window size Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 20 November)

Can Amaya run on NANO°–£A Alex Huang (Monday, 19 November)

Unable to access some valid URLs Jere Julian (Thursday, 15 November)

Feature/Bug Report on Amaya 5.2 Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 13 November)

Re2: 1k buffer prevents proper display of dynamic content J. Magalh√£es Cruz (Monday, 12 November)

Show Source Option dave (Friday, 9 November)

Stripping Away HTML SoloCDM (Monday, 12 November)

Arrow keys crash Amaya-GTK 5.2 Horatio Davis (Sunday, 11 November)

Amaya bugs Brant Langer Gurganus (Saturday, 10 November)

Spell checking and style sheets alex.jasmin@dympatico.ca (Friday, 9 November)

1k buffer prevents proper display of dynamic content julian@precisium.com.au (Friday, 9 November)

How do I remove a heading Doug Ransom (Wednesday, 7 November)

"New XHTML document" bug Brant Langer Gurganus (Wednesday, 7 November)

Adding character entities Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Wednesday, 7 November)

Amaya 5.2, "make install" fails Rabbe Fogelholm (Wednesday, 7 November)

Amaya 5.2 Compiled for Mac OS X Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 7 November)

Defect report -read only files Doug Ransom (Sunday, 4 November)

Re: Amaya 5.2a bug Irene VATTON (Monday, 5 November)

5.2 GTK crash bug (Linux) Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 31 October)

HTTP authentication and PUT Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 31 October)

Defect reports Doug Ransom (Friday, 2 November)

Spaces Steven Pemberton (Friday, 2 November)

Patch for Amaya 5.2 Massimo Arnaudo (Thursday, 1 November)

amaya is slow Frédéric Besnard (Monday, 5 November)

Macintosh version Re: Amaya... Charles McCathieNevile (Sunday, 4 November)

early report on amaya international John Russell (Wednesday, 31 October)

bug??? Stefano Zanelli (Wednesday, 31 October)

another css property not implemented John Russell (Wednesday, 31 October)

[Announcement] Internationalized Amaya package Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 31 October)

Another table layout problem * 2 Keith Hopper (Wednesday, 31 October)

boxes in mathml document John Russell (Tuesday, 30 October)

getting the right profie for math John Russell (Tuesday, 30 October)

further on Hugh's profile queries. John Russell (Tuesday, 30 October)

Amaya 5.2a Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Tuesday, 30 October)

CSS user interface improvements Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 30 October)

[Announcement] Amaya-GTK stable Debian package Jose Kahan (Tuesday, 30 October)

re: [announcement] amaya 5.2 Määttä Sami (Tuesday, 30 October)

[Announcement] Amaya stable Debian package Jose Kahan (Tuesday, 30 October)

[Announcement] Amaya 5.2a packages for Windows Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Tuesday, 30 October)

MathML Stéphane Crozat (Tuesday, 30 October)

Amaya and Windows XP Jure Repinc (Monday, 29 October)

Unable to start Amaya 5.2 on Windows 2000 Randy Antler (Monday, 29 October)

More on ASCII bug Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Monday, 29 October)

Amaya Tutoria Doug Ransom (Monday, 29 October)

For the next version 5.3, not for bugfix 5.2.1 John Russell (Monday, 29 October)

further review of configuring Amaya document John Russell (Monday, 29 October)

Configuring Amaya help document John Russell (Monday, 29 October)

Bugs on Amaya 5.2 for Windows 98 SE (binary, this am) Patrick Rourke (Monday, 29 October)

Ext.ASCII bug addendum. galwebmestre@ifrance.com (Monday, 29 October)

Bug report, Amaya 5.2, win 98, NOT in 5.1 galwebmestre@ifrance.com (Monday, 29 October)

Status of some very old bugs still unresolved! John Russell (Monday, 29 October)

New bug in Amaya 5.2 on windows 98 John Russell (Monday, 29 October)

[Announcement] Amaya 5.2 Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Monday, 29 October)

Block/table centring Keith Hopper (Monday, 22 October)

Re: wrong color in images [REPOST with WORD WRAP] Marc Rubin, Jay's Island Software Development Solutions & Consulting (Monday, 22 October)

image-dimension specs in percent ignored micha (Monday, 22 October)

Rotate on SVG Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro (Friday, 19 October)

Is SVG module of Amaya embedable? Marcel Ruff (Thursday, 18 October)

Re: Problem: Amaya 5.1 alters attributes of a meta element into incorrect form after a "save" is done in the formatted view window. Vincent Quint (Thursday, 18 October)

Problem: Amaya 5.1 alters attributes of a meta element into incorrect form after a "save" is done in the formatted view window. Gus Tavares (Thursday, 18 October)

Re: wrong color in images Marc Rubin, Jay's Island Software Development Solutions & Consulting (Wednesday, 17 October)

newlines on Windoze John Russell (Friday, 12 October)

Re: saving files - funky characters Irene Vatton (Friday, 12 October)

Re: User feedback on Amaya Irene Vatton (Wednesday, 10 October)

Re: Amaya and winnt\profiles (fwd) Jose Kahan (Friday, 5 October)

Amaya on Mac OS X Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 1 October)

SVG questions. Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Monday, 1 October)

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