www-amaya@w3.org from April to June 2000 by thread

what if -- startup page is not being found John Russell (Friday, 30 June)

word wrapping and breaking words..... John Russell (Friday, 30 June)

bug report -- saving after editing in view source window Lorrie Cranor (Tuesday, 30 May)

inserting images Lorrie Cranor (Thursday, 29 June)

demo files now included John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

problem with header / image John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

documenting design decisions John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

underlining src attribute of frame John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

excuse post on amaya/frames John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

frames and Amaya John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

file fetch timeouts John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

suggestion for selecting hyperlinks John Russell (Thursday, 29 June)

Colour Style on A doesn't override default A:linik Dave J Woolley (Tuesday, 27 June)

no editing = no input? Fox One (Saturday, 24 June)

Translations Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Friday, 23 June)

Amaya publishing problems Nikola Milutinovic (Thursday, 22 June)

RE: How to set up the libwww contributors Dave J Woolley (Wednesday, 21 June)

winConfig.pl error Fox One (Monday, 19 June)

Re: How to set up the libwww contributors Fox One (Monday, 19 June)

Make book bug Alain Hugentobler (Wednesday, 14 June)

Error compiling HTMLactions.c Willie Dresler Leiva (Tuesday, 13 June)

browsing configuration doc causes crash in Amaya 2.4 Dan Connolly (Monday, 12 June)

hard to read Pierre Veuillez (Saturday, 12 June)

Re: Memory leak patch Fox One (Wednesday, 7 June)

file save problem - line break within ALT value Ostroff, Jack H (Wednesday, 7 June)

table creation bug? Matthew Doar (Tuesday, 6 June)

Simple Table Problem John S. Dorsey (Tuesday, 6 June)

table editing problems Lorrie Cranor (Thursday, 1 June)

link-traversal : prototypes S. Champ (Friday, 2 June)

Problem with multiline hrefs Karl-Michael Schneider (Friday, 2 June)

broken doc links in cvs Fox One (Thursday, 1 June)

the find command John Russell (Thursday, 1 June)

bug in style sheet generation Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 31 May)

compose key addition in keyboard.html John Russell (Wednesday, 31 May)

find string in doc problem John Russell (Wednesday, 31 May)

Re: Problem with Amaya Irene VATTON (Monday, 29 May)

Re: DAV? Irene VATTON (Friday, 26 May)

cvs update error Fox One (Friday, 26 May)

Scrambled images Serge Torres (Friday, 26 May)

table problems Lorrie Cranor (Thursday, 25 May)

amaya3.1 rendering and crashing problems Lorrie Cranor (Friday, 26 May)

two display problems on windows 98 John Russell (Thursday, 25 May)

vecteurs avec amaya FROULIN CAMILLE (Wednesday, 24 May)

Amaya 3.1 bug with Voodoo3 3000 Graphics card Tyler Rasmussen (Wednesday, 24 May)

amaya 3.1 cache bug? Jim Wight (Wednesday, 24 May)

RE: printing HTML Jaap Spies (Monday, 22 May)

Ogg.: URNs? Massimiliano Gallo (Monday, 22 May)

Printing HTML Serge Torres (Monday, 22 May)

exporting a TOC ? Philippe Moutarlier (Sunday, 21 May)

URNs? Paul Derbyshire (Sunday, 21 May)

URN-support in AMAYA? Michael Derr (Friday, 19 May)

Reimplementation of Amaya in Java Paul Derbyshire (Saturday, 20 May)

Wish list. Richard A. O'Keefe (Friday, 19 May)

bug : file selection dialog s@m (Wednesday, 17 May)

amaya on win2k Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Wednesday, 17 May)

suggestions (bis) Riccardo Cohen (Tuesday, 16 May)

suggestions Riccardo Cohen (Tuesday, 16 May)

display problems John Russell (Monday, 15 May)

Build prob, Solaris 7 Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Thursday, 11 May)

Security aspects of the PUT method (was Re: Amaya is great) Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Wednesday, 10 May)

reproducible crash Pierre Fortin (Tuesday, 9 May)

Bugs: Special characters change, insert img doesn't work Jens-Erik Weber (Tuesday, 9 May)

Install problem. Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Monday, 8 May)

[www-amaya] <none> Olaf Kayser (Sunday, 7 May)

Unicode P. T. Rourke (Sunday, 7 May)

RE: Re: Amaya handling of Java script Etienne Baranshamaje (Saturday, 6 May)

RE: Re: Amaya handling of Java script (fwd) s@m (Saturday, 6 May)

Amaya handling of Java script Etienne Baranshamaje (Friday, 5 May)

Amaya is great Etienne Baranshamaje (Friday, 5 May)

Converting Amaya into a Mini-Browser Etienne Baranshamaje (Thursday, 4 May)

Download pages.... Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Thursday, 4 May)

Some questions about Amaya Carlos Ortega (Thursday, 4 May)

www.infoworld.com == code breaker Pierre Fortin (Wednesday, 3 May)

Amaya 3.1 (Win95) issues Ulrich Windl (Wednesday, 3 May)

RE: problems in gunzip and untar the amaya3.1 source codes under windows Dave J Woolley (Tuesday, 2 May)

Re: How can I Use Thot Tool Kit API in Windows Platform? Irene VATTON (Tuesday, 2 May)

We have problem on AMAYA! STEVEN.SHIOU 蕭舜陽 (Tuesday, 2 May)

Fonts for Amaya in Linux Gediminas Bukauskas (Tuesday, 2 May)

I found various "unexpected behaviour" in Amaya v3.1 olivier dulac (Monday, 1 May)

How can I Use Thot Tool Kit API in Windows Platform? T. Khajepoor (Sunday, 30 April)

Not including wchar.h if it isn't used [patch] Don Croyle (Sunday, 30 April)

make install minor fix H. Nanosecond (Sunday, 30 April)

[www-amaya] <none> Olaf Kayser (Thursday, 27 April)

[www-amaya] <none> Olaf Kayser (Thursday, 27 April)

Re: problems in gunzip and untar the amaya3.1 source codes under windows Irene VATTON (Thursday, 27 April)

Missing RPM for Amaya 3.1 Marc Rubin, Jay's Island Software Development & Consulting (Thursday, 27 April)

can't save comment on log file Henning Fischer (Thursday, 27 April)

deadkeys still not working on 3.1 Danton Nunes (Tuesday, 25 April)

Some question about adding "Thot Editor" to an application T. Khajepoor (Monday, 24 April)

amaya 3.1 dumps core, illegal instruction, on exit A E Lawrence (Sunday, 23 April)

minor bug s@m (Sunday, 23 April)

Bug in keyboard navigation - links view, winNT Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 21 April)

Problem in compiling maya source code Taha Masood (Friday, 21 April)

[www-amaya] <none> Olaf Kayser (Friday, 21 April)

HTTP Redirect bug - more info Fox One (Thursday, 20 April)

Almost empty forms bug Fox One (Thursday, 20 April)

HTTP Redirect bug Fox One (Thursday, 20 April)

Amaya without MATHML? Fox One (Thursday, 20 April)

Please post RPM for Amaya 3.1 Marc Rubin, Jay's Island Software Development & Consulting (Wednesday, 19 April)

Software Developer Position Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 19 April)

[Announcement] Amaya 3.1 Irene VATTON (Wednesday, 19 April)

IMG insert does not function [Amaya 3] Arthur Boon (Tuesday, 18 April)

img src="xx&amp;xx" becomes "xx&xx" A Sims (Tuesday, 18 April)

Re: Amaya browser - ports page? Irene VATTON (Tuesday, 18 April)

MathML Jim FitzSimons (Tuesday, 18 April)

Re: Building Amaya 2.4 on alpha-dec-osf4.0 Bernard Debray (Monday, 10 April)

gifhandler: too much input data, ignoring extra... Ray Allis (Friday, 14 April)

thot lib bug (PictInfo, _AbstractBox) Fox One (Monday, 17 April)

Clavier Blanchemain (Monday, 10 April)

libs jpeg, png, and z; why are they compiled in? H. Nanosecond (Monday, 17 April)

Corrupt JPEG data causes Amaya to crash Karl-Michael Schneider (Sunday, 16 April)

broken pipe Karl-Michael Schneider (Thursday, 13 April)

amaya installation/RS6000 Hires, Will E. (Thursday, 13 April)

Amaya 3.0 RPM Missing G Browne (Wednesday, 12 April)

Table Crash klescgl@NU.COM (Wednesday, 12 April)

Keyboard problems Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Tuesday, 11 April)

General Protection Fault on startup of Amaya 3.0 Leonard R. Kasday (Thursday, 6 April)

Maths Greek Palette not working in 3.0 Linux david@math.edu (Thursday, 6 April)

Amaya 3.0 weird behaviour Karl-Michael Schneider (Thursday, 6 April)

[www-amaya] <none> Murtaza (Wednesday, 5 April)

Table without border marcouet (Wednesday, 5 April)

3.0 crash invalid text decoration Karl-Michael Schneider (Wednesday, 5 April)

Amaya 3 bugs Sebastian Horch (Wednesday, 5 April)

NT Amaya v2.4 and v3.0 both remove "SMALL LETTER THORN" tomas@marel.is (Tuesday, 4 April)

Photogrphs James Pinson (Tuesday, 4 April)

Wish list. Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Tuesday, 4 April)

Amaya 3.0 Table problem Sebastian Horch (Tuesday, 4 April)

Install problem for Sun-Sparc-Solaris-2.5.1 Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Tuesday, 4 April)

Spell-checking and languages Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 4 April)

3.0, minor problems Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Tuesday, 4 April)

circumflexed vowels (was: The lost vowels in dialog boxes) Serge Torres (Tuesday, 4 April)

Amaya stops responding Ian Christie (Monday, 3 April)

Win98 Amaya 3, possible bugs P. T. Rourke (Monday, 3 April)

amaya version 3.0 on DEC Alpha! Lawrence K. Mao (Monday, 3 April)

The lost vowels in dialog boxes Serge Torres (Monday, 3 April)

your bloatware Bart Jaszcz (Friday, 31 March)

Amaya removes small letter thorn tomas@marel.is (Saturday, 1 April)

[Announcement] Amaya 3.0 Irene VATTON (Monday, 3 April)

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