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**** AMAYA 0.9a Update ****


[Announce] Small update of Amaya 0.9 distribution

[Announcement] W3C member release of Amaya 0.9 Alpha distribution

[FYI] Amaya 0.9a binary distribution goes public

Amaya 0.8 alfa

Amaya 0.8c on Linux

Amaya 0.8c patch release is out (Linux and Sun/Solaris)

Amaya 9.a: Alta Vista querying

Amaya 9.a: text editing with Control Commands

Amaya : some proposals

Amaya <base> bug

amaya and *.html.gz

Amaya extensions DTD Model & Presentations...

Amaya on AIX 4.1.4

Amaya on Solaris 2.4

Amaya v0.9 Alpha

Amaya-0.9a not generating proper client-side imagemaps

amaya0.8c linux elf

Amaya: On Solaris 2.4

Are these bugs?

backspace/ctrl-h setting? (linux ELF)

Bug in PNG support of Amaya

I forgot something...

Overview of what's new in Amaya 0.9

PATCH: amaya 0.8c

Saving document

Saving document (2nd try)

segmentation fault

Some comments about Amaya 0.9a

Source code of Amaya


Table boggle

table bug?

Version SunOs

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