Re: Bug in PNG support of Amaya


> > Are you sure that the *background* of your PNGs is transparent? It seems
> > that it is the *forground* that is transparent.
> thanks for having a look at this, I really appreciate your help. I thought
> of this point, too. My images are generated by pnmtopng from a
> black&white pbm (Portable Bit Map, only two colors). I tried both
>             pnmtopng -transparent #ffffff img1.pnm > img1.png
> (this is supposed to have the effect I want - black characters on the
> browser's background) and
>             pnmtopng -transparent #000000 img1.pnm > img1.png
> The behaviour was *almost* the same: The *white* image background is
> visible in both cases, but the color of the characters is *grey* in the
> first case and *light grey* in the second. I've prepared another test
> page, here are the URLs:

the PNGs are ok, at least my netscape/linux png-plugin shows
them as transparent (both img1 and img2) .. but not as 
<IMG..> cause that's a problem of the plugin-tech :(
i've to load them directly..

Received on Thursday, 7 November 1996 14:35:46 UTC