Saving document


I  have installed the latest release of Amaya on a Solaris2.5 and access it
from my Sun Sparcstation 20 (not with rsh, but straight from an xterm on
the Solaris). It  launches Amaya, but:

- I can't save any remote document (my home page): when selecting "save" or
"save as" nothing happens in some case. When closing the document and
answering Yes to the question about saving it, it tries to write on a wrong
server. After reading the documentation I understand that it is since my
server does not accept the put command, but the "save as" command should
have worked in any case.

- I cannot browse through remote Urls, or even some of the local relative ones.

- ^b^n deletes  the current element. As there is no UNDO, it is a problem.

- IMG tag is not stored properly: when there is an src AND a Lowrsc
attribute, the src attribute is not stored. See:

- link editing are very limited. There is a need for  copy-link, paste-link.

- the system crashed several times.

I hope it will be useful

Received on Tuesday, 17 December 1996 19:03:47 UTC