Bug in PNG support of Amaya


First of all, congratulations to your 0.8c release of Amaya. At first
sight, everything looks *really* nice! There are two points I want to
turn your attention to:

1. I'm desparately seeking a browser that correctly displays transparent,
   1-bit grayscale PNGs. I have black&white PNGs and want to have the
   white color transparent (I create them with 
   pnmtopng -transparent #ffffff img.pbm > img.png)
   The result when viewed with Amaya as inlined  IMGs is as follows: If I
   omit the -transparent flag, the image gets displayed o.k., i.e. *black*
   characters on *white* background.
   If I say -transparent #ffffff, then *grey* characters appear on
   *white* background (rectangular box).
   If I say -transparent #000000, then *light grey* characters appear on
   *white* background.
   I'd be **most** grateful if you could give me some pointers about what
   is wrong here. BTW, I'm running a Linux box with libpng-0.89c,
   zlib-1.0.4 and pnmtopng-2.31. Thank you for looking into this.

2. (only a minor thing) Doesn't Amaya have a `Reload' Button?

Kind regards


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    already on some other mailing lists and almost get buried by EMail...

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Received on Wednesday, 6 November 1996 15:12:19 UTC