Re: Saving document (2nd try)

(Sorry for email this answer twice. There was a problem and my
 response was not posted)

Hello Anne Marie,

Thanks for your remarks. For the moment, here's a short
answer for two points of your mail.

> - I can't save any remote document (my home page): when selecting "save" or
> "save as" nothing happens in some case. When closing the document and
> answering Yes to the question about saving it, it tries to write on a wrong
> server. After reading the documentation I understand that it is since my
> server does not accept the put command, but the "save as" command should
> have worked in any case.
> - I cannot browse through remote Urls, or even some of the local relative ones

This sounds like if you were using proxies in your lab. If this is so,
have you tried setting up the environment proxy variable? For example:

	setenv http_proxy
                                   ^^^^ proxy URL

	setenv no_proxy
                        ^^^^ don't use a proxy for this domain

For more info:

Hope this is of help.

Best greetings,


Received on Tuesday, 17 December 1996 20:00:31 UTC