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>  Hello,
>  I  have installed the latest release of Amaya on a Solaris2.5 and access it
>  from my Sun Sparcstation 20 (not with rsh, but straight from an xterm on
>  the Solaris). It  launches Amaya, but:

Hello Anne-Marie,

I visited you yesterday and I answered your questions, but I guess it is necessary to publish 
these answers in the list.

First point, you used the old release (0.8).

>  - I can't save any remote document (my home page): when selecting "save" or
>  "save as" nothing happens in some case. When closing the document and
>  answering Yes to the question about saving it, it tries to write on a wrong
>  server. After reading the documentation I understand that it is since my
>  server does not accept the put command, but the "save as" command should
>  have worked in any case.

The "save" command doesn't work when you try to save on a server which doesn't
support the PUT. You should have a "error message". Perhaps there is a trouble when
you use a proxy.
The "save as" command allows you to write the document on other place (a local file in your
case), but you have to give a rigth path (no space in the pathname and the directory has to exist).

>  - I cannot browse through remote Urls, or even some of the local relative ones.

I didn't see examples of this problem. 

>  - ^b^n deletes  the current element. As there is no UNDO, it is a problem.

We plan to have the "undo" command soon. Meanwhile please use "cut" instead of "delete".

>  - IMG tag is not stored properly: when there is an src AND a Lowrsc
>  attribute, the src attribute is not stored. See:

Yes I saw. But "Lowrsc" is not a valid attribute. When you use invalid tags and attributes, the
result is not garantied.

>  - link editing are very limited. There is a need for  copy-link, paste-link.

There is no need of specific command.
You have just to copy and paste the link as any other element in the document.
If you select the characters string alone (displayed in blue), the copy/paste copies the characters string,
if you want to copy the link, you have to select the link. The ESC command allows you to move
the selection up to the link element and you can then copy the link.

>  - the system crashed several times.

I am sure there is a lack of protection in Amaya.
Can you analyze what you were doing when Amaya crashed.

>  I hope it will be useful
>  Anne-Marie

It will be very useful to have precise conditions of bug detections.
Different persons work differently and sometimes we are not able to reproduce the detected bug.
In this case, it is impossible for us to solve the problem.

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