Amaya 9.a: text editing with Control Commands

My previous mail was concerning Amaya.9 instead of Amaya.9.a.
Sorry about introducing confusion.

Irene wrote:
>First point, you used the old release (0.8)

Actually  I ftp  Amaya-solaris2.0.9.tar but the Help gave O.8 as the
version number!
Anyhow it was not Amaya.9.a.

Thank you to Irene to publish the answers to my questions: saving local
documents and following links then work fine, and I did not manage to crash
the system (yet).

I still have  lot of trouble in text editing as it has some emacs flavour,
but it is not fully consistant with.
^A, ^E, ^Y, ^d , ^Y work the same as emacs, while ^b, ^f  deplace from
structure to structure instead of caracter to caracter.
^p an ^n  print the "p" caracter and "n" caracter" respectively.

^c  = copy is Mac oriented,

^b   is very dangerous since it jumps to the previous (upper level) element
and any following ^ (but ^c) will delete the element.


Received on Friday, 20 December 1996 18:53:19 UTC