Re: Amaya 9.a: Alta Vista querying

jose kahan writes:
 > Hello Anne Marie,
 > In our previous episode, Anne Marie Vercoustre said:
 > > 
 > > Open Alta Vista page with Amaya works fine.
 > > Querying Alta Vista from there returns the Alta Vista page in another
 > > windows instead of the answers.
 > > 
 > Yes, it's a known limitation. It happens because Amaya opens a new window
 > if you modified the current document (to avoid your losing your
 > modifications). With forms it's the same: type in some text in an
 > input zone, and Amaya thinks the your document has been modified. 

Maybe Amaya needs to have to concept of a write-protected page?  And
since "write-protected" is not one of the attributes returned on a
page, maybe you want to use a regexp to set this attribute.  If it's a
page off my server, I can modify it.  Otherwise it gets set to

By the way, I've got an edit.cgi and edit-upload.cgi, which let you
upload pages to a server.  Might this be useful to the Amaya project?

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