Amaya <base> bug

Hi there,

I just downloaded Amaya 8c for Linux 1.0.9 ELF.  I must say, it does look
like a nice tool for seeing how my web pages look under alternate conditions,
and editing them.  Although, I instantly discovered a bug.  All of my
web pages have:

  <base target=_parent>

in the <head></head> block.  This is so I can use netscape frames, and not
have it propigate to child links...   The problem is that Amaya somehow
assumes href='', and hense fails to load most of the graphics.  Strangly
enough, it loads a couple of the images anyways.  As soon as I elminate the
<base target=_parent> line, the web page loads normally.

Anyways for now I can work around this problem by moving the target= commands
into the anchor statements...


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Received on Wednesday, 13 November 1996 07:14:05 UTC