Re: Amaya 9.a: Alta Vista querying

Hi Russ,

The problem I described about forms is not the one you're talking about :-)
Rather, it comes from the duality of having both an editor and a browser.
Where's the line separating those functionalities? 

Actually, the solution is not very complicated, but requires some time
to think about what's the best way to program it. Anyway, this limitation
will be soon eliminated.

>  > > Querying Alta Vista from there returns the Alta Vista page in another
>  > > windows instead of the answers.
>  > > 
>  > 
>  > Yes, it's a known limitation. It happens because Amaya opens a new window
>  > if you modified the current document (to avoid your losing your
>  > modifications). With forms it's the same: type in some text in an
>  > input zone, and Amaya thinks the your document has been modified. 
> Maybe Amaya needs to have to concept of a write-protected page?  And
> since "write-protected" is not one of the attributes returned on a
> page, maybe you want to use a regexp to set this attribute.  If it's a
> page off my server, I can modify it.  Otherwise it gets set to
> write-protected.

An easier solution: let the user toggle at will between browser and editor

> By the way, I've got an edit.cgi and edit-upload.cgi, which let you
> upload pages to a server.  Might this be useful to the Amaya project?

I wrote a PUT script which you can access from the Amaya user's manual [1].
I am currently revising it to make it HTTP/1.1 compliant. 

How do the scripts you propose differ from a PUT script? What's the
difference between edit.cgi and edit-upload.cgi? 

I propose we take this script track of the Amaya list and use
instead some person-to-person email between you and me.



Received on Saturday, 21 December 1996 03:31:01 UTC