Re: backspace/ctrl-h setting? (linux ELF)

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Hi Robb,

Apologize for the delay.

>  Hi,
>  I've looked in the docs, and checked the mailing list archive, and haven't
>  seen anything, so here it goes...
>  I just installed the program, and it works great.  However, My backspace
>  key is doing the same as my delete key, and my ctrl-h only prints an 'h'
>  on the screen.
>  It appears that the bin/amaya.keyboard file is the place to configure
>  things like this, and the syntax looks very clear.  However:
>  1) How does one specify the backspace key?  I just see an entry for
>  <Key>delete.

See below the list of special keys you can specify in your amaya.keyboard file:

>  2) What is the internal function for doing a backspace?  That is something
>  that could be added to the file in the form of comments:  A list of
>  functions available to be bound to keys, and the names of the keys that
>  can be used.

The internal function for doing a backspace in this release is DeleteChar()
In next release the keyboard management will be better defined and explained.

>  Thanks,
>  - Robb
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