Some comments about Amaya 0.9a


first I have to say I've been using net$crap for two years now and I think
it's the best browser for an end-user like me (it's easy to use and
configure and it displays the page as it loads it).  But I'm a UNIX
freeware integrist too and I've been waiting for a free browser as good as
net$crap for some time now.  I thought Amaya would be a good choice but I
wonder now...

I've tried to use the Linux version of Amaya 0.9a on my NetBSD box.  First
I don't understand why I have to install it under /usr/local and why it
needs so many files.  Typical UNIX programs need the binary, an
app-defaults file and that's all.  Some others need a few files but people
can choose where they will be at compile time (but I don't have Amaya
source files...).

Second, It seems Amaya is highly unconfigurable.  It doesn't seem to have a
.amayarc file or X resources.  All I found is the thot.ini file (which
really looks like a windoze file).  Hey, this is UNIX!  There's no such
thing as a dialog box to configure it either.

Amaya doesn't understand basic X11 command line arguments such as
-geometry so I can't set the window size.

How the scrollbar works is still a mystery for me.

And a lot more...

Well it seems the Amaya team still has a lot of work to do before Amaya can
really be used by end-users...  And I'm still stuck with my net$crap.

Marc Baudoin   -=-   <>
Herv Schauer Consultants

Received on Friday, 20 December 1996 17:39:19 UTC