Amaya-0.9a not generating proper client-side imagemaps


I think that Amaya-0.9a doesn't create proper HTML in the case of
client-side imagemaps. Here is an example :

Generated by Amaya:
        <P><IMG src="foo.gif" usemap="#L19"></P>
        <MAP name="L19">
        <AREA shape=rect coords="1,0 77,103" href="foo1.html">
        <AREA shape=rect coords="77,0 120,103" href="foo2.html">
        <AREA shape=rect coords="119,0 175,103" href="foo3.html">

The specification of HTML-3.2 specifies the format for coordinates
inside the imagemaps (see :

<AREA shape=rect coords="x1,y1,x2,y2" href="url">

What Amaya should have generated is :
        <P><IMG src="foo.gif" usemap="#L19"></P>
        <MAP name="L19">
        <AREA shape=rect coords="1,0,77,103" href="foo1.html">
        <AREA shape=rect coords="77,0,120,103" href="foo2.html">
        <AREA shape=rect coords="119,0,175,103" href="foo3.html">

The difference is small, but such browsers as GNNpress are much
confused by it. And it appears that Amaya is much confused by the
«good» syntax.

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Received on Monday, 23 December 1996 12:08:04 UTC