Re: Table boggle

>  When trying to use a table to construct a nice grid for holding both 
>  graphics and text, Amaya seems to ignore the graphics in a cell so that 
>  the text in the next TD element appears layered over the graphic, i.e. the
>  column width does not get set according to the size of the graphic. I have
>  tried to set the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes for the IMG, but to no avail.
>  Is this something there are no specs for, so that browsers can choose how 
>  to display graphics in a table, or am I just being a loser with my HTML? 
>  Or (dare I say it) is it a bug in Amaya?

Implementation of tables is not complete yet in Amaya.
It currently uses a crude method to compute column width,
and the width attribute is ignored.
We plan to improve that in the next release.


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Received on Wednesday, 18 December 1996 13:59:44 UTC