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Hi Juan,

In your previous message, I didn't understand what is the trouble you mention.
Now it is clear and I'll try to explain our choice:

Amaya is mainly an editor and allows you to create new HTML elements.
When you edit a document you would load a new one to copy a part of it or to create
links towards it.
Links is an important part of HTML and from our point of view, it is useful to have 
the two documents you're working on to create links between them by simple clicks.
It is why Amaya doesn't propose as a standard to close the previous edited document 
when you load a new one.

>          Oh!I`m very sorry about the last mail I wrote.
>  In my last mail I told you that when I used the arrow buttons to move around
>  the already loaded pages,Amaya always launched a second browser (one each
>  time I pushed the button),well this usually happens,but it's not completely
>  correct.I mean,that happens everytime but only when I modify a document,then
>  the browser always launches a second one instead of showing me a message
>  asking if I want to save the last modifications or continue losing the new
>  data.I am sorry about the mistake.

>          Just one more thing,is there any button or something which forces
>  the browser not to display the images?.

No there is no button for that.

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