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EOWG - Important meeting information Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 27 September)

EDITORS: Stephane free for proofreading stephane.deschamps@orange.com (Wednesday, 27 September)

EOWG - Survey and Pending Reviews Bakken, Brent (Tuesday, 26 September)

How People with Disabilities Use the Web - stories of web users ready for review Sinclair, Norah M (Friday, 22 September)

[redesigned site] Nav change proposal [optional agenda+] Shawn Henry (Friday, 22 September)

EOWG - 22 September Agenda Posted Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 20 September)

Introduction: Nic Steenhout Nic Steenhout (Monday, 18 September)

EOWG - TPAC Face-to-Face - 07, 09 November Bakken, Brent (Friday, 15 September)

EOWG - Please Read - Meeting and WFTW Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 13 September)

EOWG - Survey Reminder Bakken, Brent (Tuesday, 12 September)

Accessible Media Tutorial - approval to publish! Sharron Rush (Saturday, 9 September)

Updates work for this week- please check in Sharron Rush (Friday, 8 September)

For Friday's call: new survey Shawn Henry (Friday, 8 September)

EOWG - Meeting Agenda - Please Review Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 7 September)

New titling/navigation question Shawn Henry (Thursday, 7 September)

EOWG - Reminder Only Bakken, Brent (Tuesday, 5 September)

EOWG - Work for this Week and Weekly Survey Bakken, Brent (Friday, 1 September)

EOWG meeting tomorrow Sharron Rush (Thursday, 31 August)

Redesigned Navigation - changes and open issues Shawn Henry (Thursday, 24 August)

EOWG - Please Read - Key Updates Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 23 August)

[deadline Tue 29 Aug] navigation for redesigned WAI website Shawn Henry (Wednesday, 23 August)

Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) Re-Charter Approved; Call for Participation Xueyuan (Wednesday, 23 August)

EOWG - Please Read - Upcoming Work Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 16 August)

EOWG - 11 August Agenda Posted Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 9 August)

How is it going, Resource Managers? Sharron Rush (Friday, 4 August)

EOWG - Meeting Info - Please Read Bakken, Brent (Wednesday, 2 August)

WebEx changing - for next week Shawn Henry (Wednesday, 2 August)

EOWG - WFTW and Weekly Survey Bakken, Brent (Friday, 28 July)

[done,fyi] - Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites - minor updates Shawn Henry (Thursday, 27 July)

EOWG - 28 July Agenda Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 27 July)

Updated work for this week Sharron Rush (Tuesday, 25 July)

EOWG - 21 July Agenda Posted Bakken, Brent (Thursday, 20 July)

Introduction: Edwina Lui Edwina Lui (Wednesday, 19 July)

Resource management (RM) assignment survey - second chance and next steps for ALL Sharron Rush (Thursday, 13 July)

EOWG will not meet tomorrow - details to follow Sharron Rush (Thursday, 13 July)

EOWG Charter for Review by W3C Member AC Reps Shawn Henry (Thursday, 13 July)

EOWG - 07 July - Work for the Week and Weekly Survey Bakken, Brent (Friday, 7 July)

Finally! Please attend 7/7 meeting - help set up for new WAI site! Sharron Rush (Thursday, 6 July)

Quickref/WCAG EM Report Tool/Tutorials Updates FYI Eric Eggert (Wednesday, 5 July)

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