Quickref/WCAG EM Report Tool/Tutorials Updates FYI

This week, I used my GeekWeek[^1] time last week to go through issues on 
several projects and fix some of the low-hanging fruit!

All of the below is not published on w3.org yet, but I plan to do that 
eventually this week or early next week.

Feel free to skim the issues.

## Quickref

* Several ARIA fixes:

   * Removed the tab panel ARIA as we did not implement the associated 
keyboard navigation 

   * Fix share links to have the proper label 

   * Remove wrongly set Complementary landmarks (All notes were in an 
aside which create the unnecessary landmarks) 

   * Add landmarks to the individual SCs by adding role=region to the 
`<article>` and label with the heading inside. 

* Renamed “Filtered Success Criteria” on the bottom to 
“Filtered-Out Success Criteria” – Although we as a group decided 
that “filtered” was OK, I heard from several people that 
“Filtered-Out” is just easier to understand. (And all SCs are 

* Manually re-ordered and added some Failures that were not exported 
correctly from WCAG 

* Fix scrolling behavior 

* Tested reported browser issues and couldn’t see them, so I closed 
the related issues 

## WCAG EM Report Tool

* A bug was reported about the downloaded report’s JavaScript not 
working. Together with Wilco Fiers, who did the initial development of 
the tool, I found the error and corrected it. 
* Fixed the extremely thin font on Retina Mac screens 

## Tables Tutorial

* Clarified headers/id example that was a bit confusing 

## Fly-Out Menus Tutorial

* Move the button for the fly-out menu out of the link (where it 
belongs) and change the styling. Adding text to the “open menu” 
button that designates which menu will be opened. 
see also [#522](https://github.com/w3c/wai-tutorials/issues/522) and 

* Change font for code examples from Fira Code (which has ligatures) to 
Fire Mono (which has none) as the ligatures could be confusing to people 
not used to seeing them in code. (The use of ligatures was not 
deliberate, I embedded the wrong font.) 

Best, Eric

[^1]: One week a year, W3C staff is asked to “geek out” and play 
around with technology or or do whatever they feel passionate about in 


Eric Eggert
Web Accessibility Specialist
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) at World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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