How People with Disabilities Use the Web - stories of web users ready for review

Hello Review Team,

Draft revisions of stories of web users are ready for your review and feedback. This resource is the main focus for update of the larger “How People with Disabilities Use the Web.”

The goals of the revisions are to:
• Simplify & Tersify — Make content simple and brief. Cut words. Cut Sentences.
• Bullets & Graphics — Break up passages into bullets when appropriate. Suggest graphics.
• Front-loaded Action — Use active voice, and action statements.

Drafts are posted on github Revised web stories<>

Please provide your feedback and suggestions by Monday Oct. 2nd by commenting on the github issue (preferred) or by email. The titles have not been changed other than using a first name, but may need to be changed. Thanks so much for your assistance with this.


Norah Sinclair
Instructional Technology and User Support Specialist

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Georgia Institute of Technology | College of Design
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Received on Friday, 22 September 2017 18:09:45 UTC