For Friday's call: new survey

Hiya folks,

We're working on re-titling documents, which can be difficult for some people. We hope to come to resolutions in this week's teleconference. (and then we don't have to talk about it any more! ;-)

I'd like to try a survey to collect perspectives before and during the teleconference. I'm *hoping* this will be easier, faster, and more effective than just voice and IRC.

If you get this before the teleconference, please go ahead and fill out the survey. If not, we'll try filling it out during the teleconference. (If you do it beforehand, then you can multitask on other things some during the call. :-)

 Survey: EOWG Resource Titling Positions

If you do not want to participate in the re-titling discussions, please:
1. Go into the survey and select "Pass — I won't take a position on this, and will happily accept the decisions of the group." and Submit the survey, so we know where you stand. :-)
2. Join the teleconference for the first and last parts, at least. (maybe stay on and do other stuff during the titling discussions)

Talk to you soon!



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