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*ALPSWS2006 Deadline Extended*

1st CFP: Semantic Web Applications and Tools Workshop (SWAT'06) at ASWC, September 2006, Beijing China

2006 Protege Conference Deadline Reminder, Invited Talk, Tutorials, & Hotel Information

2nd CFP: Intl' Workshop Semantic e-Science 2006 (important updates about publication)

3rd CfP: RuleML 2006 - Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web

[3rd CFP]Intl' Workshop Semantic e-Science(updates of proceedings publication)

[announcement] BigOWLIM Reasons over 1 Billion statements of OWL Passing LUBM(8000,0)

[freew3:25] Re: Linguistic Semantic Web gTLDs & meetings in Geneva

[freew3:26] Re: Linguistic Semantic Web gTLDs & meetings in Geneva

[IFLA-L] ATAC'2006: Deadline approaching

[ontac-forum] Semantics and Ontology (former What should be in an upper-level ontology)

[ontac-forum] Semantics and Ontology ? and semiotics?

[ontac-forum] Semantics and Ontology and Semiotics

[OT] PGP keysigning i Edinburgh

[semanticweb] Knowledge and Learning Society Book Series: Update + Call for proposals + Call for Series Reviewers

[SPAM] Re: [ontac-forum] Semantics and Ontology ? and semiotics?

ANN: ARC API and Website

ANN: Jena 2.4

ANN: New book: Semantic Management of Middleware

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland RDF Application Framework 1.0.4 and Language Bindings

Are rdfs:range and rdfs:domain really constraints?

ATAC'2006: Deadline approaching

ATAC'2006: extended deadline

BJET Special Issue Now Online - The Semantic Web for e-Learning

CALL FOR PAPERS : Journal of Logic and Computation - Special Issue on Natural Language and Knowledge Representation

CFP - Workshop on Service Oriented Technology at ICEC06

CFP: (DCCA2007, Jordan, March. 19-22, 2007)

CFP: HotWeb -- IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Web Systems and Technologies

CFP: IEEE in cooperated International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies and Internet Commerce

CFP: IJSWIS Special Issue on Ontology Matching

CfP: SEBIZ 2006 - Workshop on Applications and Business Aspects of the Semantic Web

CFP: Web Mining Workshop (India, Dec. 6-8, 2006)

DBin 0.4 "Barbera" - with GeoTagging support

Deadline extension and Last CFP RuleML2006

EKAW2006: Call for Posters/Demos

ESWC06 Tutorial: Answer Set Programming for the Semantic Web

examples of existent applications of semantic web concepts.

Extended Deadline: RuleML 2006 - Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web

Grouing URIs - an RDF triple with multiple subjects

How to assert equivalence of URIs ?

HTTP RFCs as RDF Classes

I have some questions about pellet, fact++ and dig

is rdfg:subGraphOf deductive or assertive


Last CfP: Applications of Logic Programming in the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services (ALPSWS2006)

Last invitation to InSciT2006 Conference in Spain

Linguistic Semantic Web gTLDs & meetings in Geneva

Negation and "Opposition"

newbie FAQ

News Taxonomies presentation to the W3C AC

ontology, language, logic, and what we intend to do here in ONTAC: what DO we want to do in ONTAC?

Position available on ontology engineering in agent environments


REDILI: Re: Linguistic Semantic Web gTLDs & meetings in Geneva

SAMT 2006 - Call for Workshops Proposals

Semantic Web Challenge - Registration now open

Semantics and Ontology and Semiotics

Sommer: Semantic Web (Metadata) Mapper

Special Issue on Semantic Web and Data Warehousing @ International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems

Visual represantion of OWL ontology

Workshop on Imperfect Knowledge Modelings - 1st CfP

WSDL 2.0 RDF Mapping Last Call

WWW2006: Media Industry Ceilidh: Invitation...

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