Re: Grouing URIs - an RDF triple with multiple subjects

> > Then you can say "everything which starts with is
> > child-safe" like:
> > 
> >     if 
> >        x.uri.startsWith("")
> >     then
> >        icra:ChildSafe(x)
> > 
> > I expect the RIF Working Group (for which I am the W3C staff contact) to
> > provide something that will work for points #2 and #3.  I'm not sure the
> > URI property is going to come from.

I should also say that an application specific approach like:

    <> rdf:type icra:ChildSafeSiteTree.

seems fine, and in the presense of suitable rules could generate
    <...> rdf:type irca:ChildSafe.

as necessary.    The rule might be:

         y.uri = prefix

> I'm very glad to see this conversation happening. I've always seen
> RDF-CL as a stepping stone for PICS-like apps, with RIF being the
> ultimate way of expressing the kinds of generalisations we want here.
> I'm looking forward to test-driving RIF's language on these apps...
> Re the URI property, perhaps this can be done in the XG. There might be 
> a bit of care needed around canonicalisation, charset, considerations, 
> also whether we use plain literals or datatyped, and if former, whether
> we consider xml:lang relevant for identity reasoning. In other words,
> we'd need a test suite.

Here's one proposal, by the way, although it was made before RDF had
language tags or datatype literals:

> For the string functions, SPARQL seems to have some useful bits:

I don't see anything like startsWith.  Am I missing it?

> Will some of these also be exposed in the RIF language?

Sorry, I'm not sure what SPARQL has.   If it's suitable, I suspect RIF
will adopt it.

      -- Sandro

Received on Monday, 8 May 2006 20:20:26 UTC